The Diet Tailored for People with LPR – Wipeout Reflux Diet

So how can you stop silent reflux? It’s your diet. A diet that heals and prevents further damage.

Hey, if you didn’t know I’m David. I have silent reflux and I have experienced all the symptoms in the book from shortness of breath to burning throat to the lump in the throat sensation. I’m sure you know that it sucks, constantly living with these problems, it can be soul destroying sometimes. Though luckily for you I have great news – diet heals silent reflux. A diet called the Wipeout Diet.

David Gray

Silent Refluxer & Founder of Wipeout Reflux

Went I first had silent reflux I went to the doctors for advice. Most doctors simply give me anti-acid tablets. For me they give me some brief relief, but it didn’t last long. I went back to the doctors. Again, they give me more anti-acid tablets called PPI’s and upped my dose. Still I saw NO improvement.

For me it was a bit of a revolving door. Constantly returning to doctors for advice which never helped. To be frank I was sick of it. Sick of feeling so bad.

After about 2 years of this suffering I decided I had had enough.
 I researched everything I could find about LPR and silent reflux. Even for me it was a big struggle at the start. I would try one diet plan or a different supplement and would again have zero improvement.

After a while I found a diet that worked perfectly for me and for many others with silent reflux. I saw improvement within a few days and within a couple of weeks I was about 70% better. To say I was happy at that time would have been a massive understatement. I wasn’t in perfect health but the improvement I saw give me a massive new leash of life.

The diet hasn’t just helped me, but it’s given me my life back! Not only me but countless people who suffer from silent reflux have seen the exact same benefits as me. And you too can get these exact same improvements.

That’s the thing – the diet is backed by medical studies and science. So basically, everyone who follows it will start to feel better shortly after starting it – Usually in under two weeks. In fact, if you don’t see an improvement in under 30 days I will give you your money back.

The Wipeout Diet Plan

This diet plan has been created to help you understand how exactly silent reflux is affecting you and how this diet plan will help and treat the root cause and greatly ease and heal any past effects of silent reflux/LPR.

Everything included in the guide is included to stop your acid reflux and to stop further damage and allow you to heal.

All the diet information is laid out, so you understand why we are following this diet plan and why it is effective.

I have deliberately kept the guide short. I want you to be able to consume all the information so can get started as soon as humanly possible. In other diet plans I have read myself. I often had to read hundreds of pages before I could get started. There is no such barrier here. You can read the whole diet plan in about 1-2 hours’ time. That means you can get started today on your healing journey with NO delay.

Keep in mind this isn’t meant to be a recipe book. It’s a diet plan to allow you to know the proper steps to help aid and heal LPR (silent reflux).

The Wipeout Diet Plan

Silent reflux really sucks but luckily you have an answer to properly tackle your symptoms and make them fade away. Now let’s get started on your journey to healing and truly wiping out acid reflux once and for all!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the diet work?

This diet is backed by science and medical studies and the core concepts of the diet have been built around these factual findings. This is why this diet is so effective because the evidence that backs it has been proven through research already. With this knowledge the diet has been created to target the root cause of the silent reflux (LPR) problem.

What if the diet doesn’t help me?

If the diet doesn’t help you or you aren’t happy with the diet plan and the information provided you are entitled to a full refund. Just send me an email –

Is it worth it?

Absolutely it is worth it. For less than the cost of a meal for 2 you get instant access to the Wipeout Diet. And the great thing is most people who follow the diet see great improvements in under 2 weeks’ time!

How do I know what foods I can eat?

All the foods that you can and can’t eat are easily laid out so know exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Also, there is a complete food list included so you know precisely what you can and can’t eat.

How fast will I see results?

Most people who follow this diet plan will see improvements usually in under 2 weeks’ time, and the vast majority within 1 month.

Is this the best way to treat silent reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux)?

This diet is easily the best way to treat and heal silent reflux. The majority of people who follow this diet get better improvements than any medication or diets they have tried before.

Will this help my (silent reflux) symptoms?

Most people who have followed this diet plan have seen great improvements in their symptoms in under 30 days’ time. This means reduction in all the silent reflux symptoms.

Will this diet work for Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?

Absolutely it will. While this diet has been created for people with silent reflux in mind the same principles that have been applied to stop or greatly reduce acid reflux work effectively at treating GERD as well.

The Wipeout Diet Plan

Silent reflux really sucks but luckily you have an answer to properly tackle your symptoms and make them fade away. Now let’s get started on your journey to healing and truly wiping out acid reflux once and for all!


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