Stop Acid Reflux (GERD & LPR) and Feel Much Better Within 2 Weeks with the Wipeout Diet

87% of People Who Follow the Wipeout Diet Feel Better Within 2 Weeks’ Time!

So how can you stop acid reflux? It’s your diet. A diet that heals and prevents further damage.

Hey, if you didn’t know I’m David. I had acid reflux (GERD & LPR) and I have experienced all the symptoms in the book from heartburn, indigestion, shortness of breath to burning throat to the lump in the throat sensation.

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Dr. David Gray

Gastroenterologist & Acid Refluxer

I’m sure you know that it sucks, constantly living with these problems, it can be soul destroying sometimes. Though luckily for you I have great news – diet heals acid reflux both for GERD & LPR. A diet called the Wipeout Diet.

For me personally when I first had acid reflux I went to doctors for advice. Most doctors simply give me anti-acid tablets. For me they give me some brief relief, but it didn’t last long. I went back to the doctors. Again, they give me more anti-acid tablets called PPI’s and upped my dose. Still, I saw NO improvement.

For me it was a bit of a revolving door. Constantly returning to doctors for advice which never helped. To be frank I was sick of it. Sick of feeling so bad.

After about 2 years of this suffering, I decided I had had enough. I researched everything I could find about acid reflux and silent reflux (LPR). Even for me it was a big struggle at the start. I would try one diet plan or a different supplement and would again have zero improvement.

After a while I created a diet that worked perfectly for me and for many others with acid reflux. I personally saw improvement within a few days and within a couple of weeks I was 75% better. To say I was happy at that time would have been a massive understatement. I wasn’t in perfect health but the improvement I saw give me a massive new leash of life.

The diet hasn’t just helped me, but it’s given me my life back! After following the diet for 3-4 months I was 90% better.

That’s when I decided to put pen to paper and create this diet plan and go in detail for everything that works for stopping acid reflux and silent reflux.

At this time of writing 4118 people have followed the Wipeout Diet and 91% of them have seen improvement within 3 months’ time. And 87% felt better within 2 weeks!

And you too can get these exact same improvements.

That’s the thing – the diet is backed by medical studies and science. So, most people who follow it will start to feel better shortly after starting it – Usually in under two weeks.

In fact, if you don’t see an improvement in under 30 days, I will give you your money back!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Experiencing and overcoming acid reflux served as a profound driver for my decision to pursue a career in medicine. Surprisingly, this whole experience led me to dedicate myself to becoming a Doctor, with a strong focus on enhancing my knowledge and expertise in Gastroenterology. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but now, fully trained and equipped, I am grateful for the opportunity to assist as many people who just like me are afflicted by this debilitating condition. Now, let’s refocus on the discussion about the diet plan…

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The Wipeout Diet Plan

I first created this diet plan to help people with silent reflux where their throat and larynx area is affected and people with LPR saw an amazing benefit. The reason I choose that first was because of the lack of quality information online about silent reflux.

And while I hadn’t initially created the diet for people with GERD and regular acid reflux some fellow refluxers with GERD gave the diet and advice a go and saw equally amazing improvement! I have since adjusted the diet to make it a great choice for people with all kinds of acid reflux.

Everything inside the guide has been covered. For example, trigger foods, how to prepare foods, countless advice and tips on preventing acid reflux, a complete list of allowed foods/ingredients, even ways to enjoy acidic foods and things like chocolate without the downside and much more (check out the benefits just below to get a picture of how the diet can help.)

Keep in mind all the information is not just from my own experience, it’s backed by science and medical studies so if you have GERD/LPR it’s highly likely to help you as the number suggest from people who have followed it already.

Benefits of the Wipeout Diet

Diet is medically proven and supported by studies
Clear and concise tips to stop & prevent acid reflux (GERD & LPR)
Food preparation clearly explained (including common cooking mistakes that can flare acid reflux)
ALL trigger foods listed and exactly why you should be avoiding them!
Eating habits that worsen acid reflux explained (and what to do to stop them)
What you should really be drinking if you have acid reflux ( + guidance on alkaline water)
How to enjoy the foods you usually wouldn’t be able to (eg. a substitute for chocolate and how to enjoy acidic foods like fruits without reflux)
Teaching you how to prepare meals and any mistakes you may be making
How you should choose your shopping and what to look for
Secret tips and advice from medical research and my own experience
Complete List of Foods & Ingredients (so you know exactly what you can and can’t eat)
Added Bonuses – 2-week meal plan laid out along with meal recipes & suggestions
(breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, condiments, desserts, drinks & how to prepare)
How to Eat Out – Advice on how to eat out with acid reflux and how to navigate sometimes difficult social situations.
FREE future updates for life (including newly added recipes and constant improvements to the diet plan)

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Freshly Updated – January 2024

The Wipeout Diet Plan


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What Other’s Have to Say about the Wipeout Diet

My heartburn almost has vanished after following the diet for 6 weeks now.

Kristi Long

I have really really bad GERD and heartburn. I was diagnosed many years ago but recently my symptoms just came back with a vengeance. I have followed diets before but this one is much better than I expected. Like my heartburn almost has vanished after following the diet for 6 weeks now. It took me a little to get used to the diet but now I’ve been following it for a little it’s tasty and a breeze. If you aren’t sure if the diet’s right for you I say go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s worth a month’s trial in my opinion.

Kristi Long

50% better in one day!

James Hoffman

Before starting the diet, I felt miserable. I had constant heartburn and a feeling of tightness in my chest, it took me a while to even realize it was acid reflux. After following the diet, I have felt so much better. I didn’t see any improvement immediately but after contacting David he told me to stick with it for at least 2 weeks. I’m glad I did, after about 1 week I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. Like 50% better in one day! If you are considering this diet just go for it! It’s really put me back on the right path and now I feel like I can live life without constantly being in pain or discomfort.

James Hoffman

After 6 weeks I have 90% recovered and can go about daily activities again without much hindrance at all.

ken huang

Before starting this diet, I had almost all of the LPR symptoms at once: chronic cough, postnasal drip, itchy throat, frequent throat clearing and nasal congestion/lump in throat, making it more difficult to breathe. I was extremely anxious and took frequent trips to the bathroom sink to cough out excess mucous, sometimes unsuccessfully.

After 2-3 weeks of following the diet I was already 70% better, with all my symptoms reduced in severity greatly. After 6 weeks I have 90% recovered and can go about daily activities again without much hindrance at all.

If you have or think you have LPR, this diet will address the underlying causes directly and reduce symptoms much more effectively and faster than any medication. After just a few weeks, you will be able to feel much better and let your body heal itself while you get back to your day to day activities without the perpetual worries and bathroom trips.

Ken Huang

The difference for me with this diet is that it’s tailored in particular for people with silent acid reflux

joseph smith

I have had LPR for about 3-4 years, it started with a cough and irritation in my throat and then after a while I got more symptoms like shortness of breath and a feeling of a lump in the throat. With other diet’s I didn’t see much success though with this diet I really have seen a great improvement. It’s been about 2 months following the diet, I am much better now. My only symptom now is sometimes I have some dryness in my mouth, though that’s it. I was hoping for this improvement even though I didn’t expect it. What I would say to anyone interested is give it a go. I have tried countless meds and even a couple of other diets that didn’t work. The difference for me with this diet is that it’s tailored in particular for people with silent acid reflux. There a few things that should be changed from a normal acid reflux diet which is covered here unlike other diets.

Joseph Smith

Try this diet yourself – it’s the best decision I ever made

mary reed

Before I started the diet I had a chronic cough for a few years. Then I eventually developed other symptoms like a lump in the throat and constantly having to swallow. After a pain stacking amount of time and doctors I finally figured out I had LPR though the PPIs the doctors prescribed me just didn’t work and that’s why I figured I would try this diet. After sticking with this diet plan I am infinitely better. I personally saw improvements as soon as about 1 week after I started the diet and now after being on the diet all my symptoms are gone! It’s truly remarkable and it’s clear this diet plan really helps. I can unreservedly recommend you try this diet yourself – it’s the best decision I ever made.

Mary Reed

It’s only been 2 weeks and I am about 80% better

liz peters

I’ve had LPR for about a year now. Started with symptoms I didn’t know what the root cause was. Eventually I figured out I had LPR and then I decided to give this diet a go. Thankfully for me after only about 2 weeks time I felt an amazing improvement. I was quite shocked at how much better I felt in very little time considering how bad I felt up until that point. While as I already mentioned, it’s only been 2 weeks and I am about 80% better. One thing I would say if you aren’t sure about the diet just try it. Like personally for me I spent a whole lot more money seeing doctors which never helped and this was only a tiny amount compared to that and it’s benefits have been amazing!

Liz Peters

I feel a dramatic improvement already

Johnathan Porter

Before I started the diet I was experiencing most of the symptoms you would expect. The most annoying thing for me was the lump in the throat feeling and a chronic cough. After 1 month on the diet I feel a dramatic improvement already. If I had to give a number I would say I’m 2/3rd’s better already. Before I started the diet I was a little hesitant about how the diet worked but once I understood the science behind it, I completely understand how it works to help stop silent reflux.

Johnathan Porter

I am much better and as close to normal as I have felt in years

Samantha Boble

Before I started the diet plan I was suffering a lot with burning throat and shortness of breath everyday! It really made me feel down to say the least. After following the diet I saw a gradual improvement within a few days of starting. This improvement continued to where I am now which is feeling great. It’s been about 3 months and while I am not cured I am much better and as close to normal as I have felt in years. I was at first afraid to buy the diet because of the foods you may have to avoid. Though luckily I found out that there are plenty of alternatives to the foods I love or ways to enjoy the foods you wouldn’t usually be able to!

Samantha Boble

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does the Diet Work?

This diet is backed by science and medical studies and the core concepts of the diet have been built around these facts. This is why this diet is so effective because the evidence that backs it has been proven through research already. With this knowledge the diet has been created to target the root cause of the acid reflux problem for both GERD and silent reflux.

What if The Diet Doesn’t Help Me?

If the diet doesn't help you after following for 1 month - you are entitled to a full refund. Just send me an email –

How Limiting is the Diet?

You will be able to enjoy countless foods and meals that are not only tasty but nutritious. Also, there are tricks included to enjoy foods you usually wouldn't be able to and ways to enjoy the taste of things like coffee and chocolate with no downside or symptoms.

Will I Have to Follow this Diet for Life?

Absolutely not. The idea with this diet is to start with more natural options that will allow you to feel better more quickly to start. Once you start to feel better then you can start to add foods back into your diet over time. Eventually most people will be able to get back to their normal diet or close to it at least.

Is it Worth It?

Absolutely it is worth it. For less than the cost of a dinner for 2 you get instant access to the Wipeout Diet. And the great thing is most people who follow the diet see great improvements in under 2 weeks’ time!

How Do I Know What Foods I Can Eat?

All the foods that you can and can’t eat are easily laid out so know exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Also, there is a complete food list included so you know precisely what you can and can’t eat.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Most people who follow this diet plan will see improvements usually in under 2 weeks’ time, and the vast majority within 1 month.

Is This the Best Way to Treat Silent Reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux)?

This diet is easily the best way to treat and heal silent reflux. The majority of people who follow this diet get better improvements than any medication or diets they have tried before.

Will this Help My Silent Reflux Symptoms?

Most people who have followed this diet plan have seen great improvements in their symptoms in under 30 days’ time. A significant part of people also return to normal within 3 months with 0 symptoms.

Will this Diet Work for Normal Acid Reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)?

Absolutely it will. This diet has been made so it works for both people with LPR and GERD. In fact, this diet tends to work better for people with GERD than the typical acid reflux diet because of some important differences and recommendations that allow people with GERD to feel better faster.

How Fast Will I Get Access to the Diet?

Once you create an account and complete the payment you will have immediate access to the diet plan. The whole process should only take a couple of minutes. All details will be sent to your email for future reference as well.

Is the Diet in a Hardback Book Form?

No, the diet is in the form of a digital course. It is not a physical book that is shipped. Therefore, once you have completed your order you will be able to access the diet plan and get started immediately.

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Freshly Updated - January 2024

The Wipeout Diet Plan


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