RSI (Reflux Symptom Index) Test

Welcome to the Reflux Symptom Index (RSI) Test

How this Test works is for each of the statements you choose a rating of 0-5 on how much each condition effects you. If no have no problem with it you score yourself a 0, if you have a severe problem with it you score a 5.

Once the test is completed you will be provided a total score.

PS. Because their is no real gold standard when it comes to diagnosing LPR the RSI test is actually one of the more reliable ways of helping to confirm LPR. It's one of the first and arguably simple yet best ways currently to help diagnose LPR as used by experts in the field.

Hoarseness of problem with your voice

Clearing your throat

Excess throat mucus or post nasal drip

Difficulty swallowing

Coughing after eating or lying down

Breathing difficulty or problems

Chronic or annoying cough

Lump in throat feeling (Globus sensation)

Heartburn, chest pain or indigestion

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  1. I like the test. I can’t differentiate between Gerd and LPR after being diagnosed with HPyroli. I used to have heartburn but after taking point for 3 weeks, I now have a dry throat with a burning sensation

    1. If you have H-pylori I believe that can be treated with most commonly anti-biotics. Also there is a natural alternative called mastic gum which has been proven to stop H-pylori as well. I would recommend considering them.

      1. Can presence of H pylori cause LPR symptoms ? … Does LPR cause burning stomach after eating together with regurotion of food back in the throat sometimes?

        1. Hi Eli, based on what you have said it sounds like LPR to me, maybe with some occasional GERD symptoms like the heartburn as you mentioned. The cause most likely is pepsin coming up into the throat/sinuses and this causes irritation & inflammation which causes your symptoms. This could be due to multiple reasons but perhaps the most likely reason is a malfunctioning lower esophageal sphincter. LPR & GERD can occur together yes but it seems not too common but definitely possible.

          1. If your only symptom is related to the ears without the other symptoms it likely is not LPR and sounds more likely to be vertigo though I am not certain. I don’t know the other disease you mentioned unfortunately so I can’t advise on that. If your score is low in this test that should be proof enough that it isn’t acid reflux related. If you want a proper medical test, the best test for LPR symptoms is the restech pH study.

      2. Hi david
        I scored 8 on the test but I have for over a year now had burning and swelling in my eustation tubes..I had the nissen funduplication op done in aug last year and I have been worse than I ever was with my ears there a way to get pepsin out of your middle /inner ear ..I strongly believe it’s that that is causing my problem what could you advise I do thanks dee

        1. If the ears are dry due to the pepsin, you can try to put olive oil into the ears periodically say 2 times per week. This stops the ears getting as dry which sometimes leads to issues. You can also buy some syringe on amazon for example and spray water into your ears to clean them out every 2 weeks or so which could also help.

      3. Hi is it normal to have nausea and multiple food sensitivities that keep increasing with LPR? Also can tooth extractions cause gerd/LPR symptoms months later? As well as nausea, heartburn, reflux, burping and early satiety during a flare up, I also have weight loss, epigastric abdominal pain and bloating (intestinal area), lower abdominal pain and/or nausea before bowel movement – again symptoms depend on what I eat, but the absolute worst symptom is the nausea.

        1. Hi Beth,
          For some people it can help the nausea effect though I wouldn’t say it’s a prominent effect though I have had it myself. I don’t know of any correlation between tooth extraction and LPR and you suggested no. I definitely suggest looking into your diet. Trying to eat more natural and avoiding things like soda drinks would be highly recommended.

      4. Helooo I was diagnosed of Amtrak Gastritis last year and was directed to take triple therapy for treatment which I did but my main problem which I was battling with before I went for consultation was excessive salivation in my mouth ,Dry throat ,pricking and needles sensation in my throat ,severe pains in my throat and sometimes pains on the left side of my tongue with no lesion seen on my tongue .I was directed to go and see an ENT specialist which he did diagnosed me of Laryngopharyngeal reflux and and directed me to take PPI’s along side some antacid like NUgel O ,I did take stick to treatment regimen but situation hasn’t resolved .I have tried as much as I can to eliminate some diet and also follow some strict lifestyle .Is been one year since this situation started .MR .kindly help me with ways to deal with this condition and heal fast if truly is an LPR which is giving me this discomfort .Thank you

        1. Hi Isaac,

          I would suggest a diet for LPR like my wipeout diet. I feel you may need a diet tailored for LPR to get you the best help possible. Also trying a medicine with alginate included like gaviscon advance would be something I would recommend you try out as well.

    2. Mine started with a cough that I’ve had since February this year, I also have a feeling that something Is stuck in my throat like a pill or something, I sometimes get a bitter taste at the back of my throat and my tongue feels like I’ve dipped it in hot coffee, fizzy pop or chocolate seems to make the feeling in my throat worse, I also can’t shout too. Loud as I loose the strength in my voice

      1. Hey, thank you! You technically could have both GERD & LPR but that’s uncommon. I don’t know all your symptoms so it’s hard to accurately say, but from what you have said sounds more like GERD.

    3. Hmmmm I scored 38 and have every single symptom. Have been put on nexium twice a day which only helps a little. Am waiting for h pylori test results then GP said she’ll send me to a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy if that’s negative. Ugh- so hard to get any help here in Australia 😩

      1. Yeah I definitely suggest a low acid diet like the one I created called the wipeout diet. Also Gaviscon with sodium alginate is worth taking after meals and at bedtime.

    4. I know I have LPR. It’s affecting my life at home and work. I don’t get any sleep due to coughing and my head hurting from the cough. Some nights so much mucus pours out my nose, then I know the episode is over but by that time it’s almost morning. The dr has me on omnipresnol and Dexalant and neither work. I try sucking on a cough drop at night as well. I’m just miserable

  2. I have been diginosed with heritable hernia and acid reflux More than a year ago. I thought it had gone away but it is back with burning mouth and the breathing problem. I an taking digestacure it is for autoimmune . It healed before so I hope it will this time. I did not have the breathing and wheezing before only at night when I lay down after a few hours of sleep. I know to stop coffee wine and spicy foods or acidic things. Are there other foods I should be careful of.

      1. Hello. I was just directed to the website of LPT when I was diagnosed with GERD because an unusual symptom I am having is when i am eating or asleep i feel a muscle contraction in my throat in the neck area and it causes me to not breathe for a couple seconds. This doesnt happen often. I am also having major acid reflux, chest pressure, sometimes chest pain, foods taking a long time to go down, or feeling like they get stuck, pain when swallowing, ocassional chest tenderness, trouble breathing when talking, some clearing of throat, burping, some hiccups, not much couching, tenderness, or soreness in neck occasionally

  3. I have this terrible dry nose and chest and throat, facial flushing and the sinuses are so dry I start smelling this smoky smell when nothing around me is burning.
    Pretty sure I have it.

  4. I didn’t realize this could affect my sinuses as well. Good to know. I’ve been researching esophageal erosion and some of the things I read don’t seem to apply to me, but what I’ve found here does. I scored 22. I’m trying to heal my throat. I think acid is getting to it, but I don’t feel it happening. I’ve never heard of silent reflux, or read it might take 6 months to heal. I’m a LOT less depressed about this.

  5. Had Strep throat in January and Tonsillitis in February. Still have a slight sore throat and sometimes a globus sensation. Compared to March of this year I would say I am 92% healed around my throat but still lingers here and there. Anybody know how long for it to possibly heal completely. Don’t get me wrong some days I feel 100% but would love to feel 100% all the time. thanks

  6. Alan Washington

    I changed my diet about 3 weeks ago. the cough has gone (that was driving me crazy), the nasal drip has gone, I am not swallowing all the time. But the mucus is still there and my throat is burning and I am very hoarse, how long does it take to heal?

      1. Latasha Williams

        I have been on Famotidine 40mg for almost 12 weeks for dysphasia pharyngoesophageal phase, chronic laryngitis and allergic rhinitis. I’m still having sore throat, ears fill full and indigestion. What else can I do?

  7. Hello,

    I have been diagnosed by doc with GERD. I feel like I something stuck in my throat (globus sensation) and experience tightness in my throat. Also I feel need to clear my throat everyday morning. I can also feel regurgitation due to acid and distaste in mouth. Sometimes I feel a little pain when I contract base of throat muscles or a pellet stuck in throat when I touch the base of the throat. Could all of these be symptoms of LPR? Please advise.

    1. Yeah based on your symptoms there is definitely a good chance. Acid can affect the sinuses and there is a good chance the dryness is caused by the acid reflux as well

  8. Marianna Epright

    So essentially, I have to give up my food groups (caffeine, alcohol, chocolate) in order to be cough-free? That makes me sad. I did purchase the Gaviscon Advance – fingers crossed!

    1. Hi David,

      Its hard to say with any certainty. Perhaps something you are eating can be slightly triggering it. But it’s hard for me to know without knowing your diet and lifestyle.



  9. You have no idea how much good you are doing to people like us with GERD with this blog. Thank you so much.
    I am a former Opera singer diagnosed with GERD, this illness destroyed my career, after 7 years I realized that GERD was the reason of my hoarseness.

    I am taking PPIs now and they are not doing much but at least I know what is the problem as I was in the dark before.
    Will see my GI to evaluate my condition and chances for a surgery, probably will try stretta and dif no improvement, fundoplication. I am a bit skeptical with LINX procedure as I am diabetic type 1 and don’t want any device in friction with my esophagus there inside, it could perforate it with time.

    Thank you for having a platform like this for people like us.

    1. Hi Alan,

      There is not sure way to know how long it will take to heal as everyone is different. Usually people who follow my diet plan and take gaviscon advance see improvements within 2 weeks but for others it may take a couple of months before improvement is seen.

    1. Can you take Gaviscon Advance if you have an inflamed throat? I am trying, but it burns on the way down my throat.

      Thank you,

      1. Hi Cindy,

        You should be able to yes. If you really think it irritates your throat you can try something else like reflux gourmet for example.

    2. Hi I have burning on the tip of my tongue, not always – maybe a few times a month. I have clicking in my ears when I swallow & sore / dry throat most the time. It’s better in the mornings.
      I don’t have coughing.
      Could this be LPR?

  10. Hi I think i have LPR and honestly saying I’m particularly distressed with globus sensation. I just want it to stop 🙁 I noticed these past few weeks that I would burp often even only sipping a little amount of water and then after that I had this wet burp that caused my sinusitis and a weird sensation that something is stuck in my throat. I just it heals fast before I enter med school because this is causing me depression and anxiety 🙁

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Based on the symptoms you have mentioned that sounds very like LPR. Send me an email if you need any more advice 🙂

  11. Michelle L Ferraro

    I don’t have heartburn I have silent heartburn. White phlem coming up on back of my throat everytime I eat,
    and spitting up mucus everytime I eat. Horrible metallic taste which I have been calling Burning Mouth syndrome but don’t know if it is just from this or not. I am having hormone tests done this week because I heard hormones can cause burning mouth. According to last years films I have no heartburn and no other symtoms but do have burning in my throat sometimes. What do you think? Does it sound like I have Silent heartburn or just Burning mouth syndrome. I really need an answer soon because I have to discuss this with my physciatrist.

  12. I have been dealing with this burning pain sensation every time I eat for the pass 3 weeks I also have a burning sensation on my chest and the right side of my throat hurts around the Adam’s apple. Could this be LPR?? I really stressing over this O have never experience this before and I am really worry

    1. Hi Ryan,
      It’s different for each individual person. Some people may have to avoid them for the foreseeable future whereas others only temporarily until they are healed and feeling better.

  13. My symptoms only started after I had a cold and cough. Main symptom is the globus sensation, which is definitely worse after eating or drinking anything (even water).

    Dr thinks its reflux and prescribed Pataprozole 40mg once daily for 4 weeks.

    It is likely at all that this would fix it or does it sound more like lpr? I’m confused because it came on out of nowhere, and I don’t typically have any digestive issues.

    Appreciate your insight.

  14. I have acid reflux. I’m taking Nexium daily. I now have ear ringing, feeling like thing are moving but they are not actually moving, headache/migraine, sensitive to movement of computer and cellphone. when I turn the computer on or active the phone I get these movement spell. someone told me that I could be acid reflux. Doctor told me that it could be Meniere disease or vertigo. still waiting for ent doctor. could you tell me what kind of test would be need to determine if the acid reflux is my problem or is it vertigo

    1. You are most welcome Norman thank you for your kind comments. If you are suffering from throat pain your symptoms could be more akine to LPR or silent reflux and likely PPIs won’t help with that. You can read more about it on my complete LPR guide here. What you have said with the surgery options I would definitely agree with. I read that stretta has an 85% success rate for people with LPR so that is very high probably that it will help.

  15. Hi…Glad I found your site as I have been suffering for a few years with the symptoms of LGR…have a lot of trouble with my sinuses too, and did not realize the reflux can backflow up into the sinus area. My main symptoms are constant mucus coming up in my throat area, especially in the morning, and have even noticed some slight, slight blood tinge in the mucus at times. This has been very rare, but have seen it. Not sure if I should be overly concerned with that because I am not sure if this is from my sinuses or LGR. Have not been to a Gastro for this, but have self diagnosed according to my observations. Coffee wine, chocolate dairy, eating late at night, spicy foods all seem to make it worse…I think even tea is bothering me now, so am switching to herbal teas. Have about 15 to 20 lbs to loose as well. I took your test….scored a 15. Ordered the pillow for bed. Can you weigh in on this further with other suggestions.

  16. My main symptoms is the something stuck in the throat sensation and excess saliva but that has reduced. I went to ENT and he used the scope to look down my throat but he said it looked fine. If pepsin was causing inflammation, wouldnt he had seen it?

    1. Hey Jerica. I know that globus sensation is very annoying to say the least but know that it can be remedied. The best way to remedy this is through a strict low acid diet.

  17. 1.5 years of this for me has turned into breathing problems. I always wondered how one doesn’t get heartburn and only throat issues. I think your right. The pepsin maybe bipasses the esophagus carried through bubbles or belching. My symptoms get worse when belching always after standing up. My symptoms disappear when sleeping then after belching in morning they arise again all day. I’m on a weight loss mission seems to be helping. I mostly muscle (weight train) at 224 down from 230. My only fat is in gut area some but losing the 6# has made a difference. Also cutting acid but soooo hard. Anyway, thanks for the advice and reading all this helps me better understand lot. I think the main problem for most including myself is that the symptoms of lpr make things worse. It’s cause breathing difficulty for me and immediately leads to anxiety. I will check out your book, thanks, jeff

  18. Hi David,
    Your excellent site has been a goldmine of useful information.
    I was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia years ago which caused me all sorts of problems.
    I had a lot of reflux and have been on PPI ‘s for a long time . In August I had another Gastroscopy where I was told I have ” early stage ” Barratts Oesophagus .
    In December after a bout of bronchitis I developed a sore throat ( which I still have ) – Backwards and forwards to the doctor who initially said I had Oral Thrush – he fast tracked me ( at my insistence ) to an ENT consultant who checked me over and stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat . He said there was no evidence of cancer but my symptoms could be due to pepsin and bile from silent reflux that PPI’s don’t deal with . I had never heard of it before. I am due to go onto double dose omesaprazole and Gaviscon Advance . I pray that does the trick as my throat is really troubling me. I have seen your excellent diet advice and will be following that as well

  19. My primary issue is extreme hoarseness and some throat-clearing. Also occasional burping.
    Wonder if stress can cause a lot of this because I do have quite a lot of that. Also, if the stress
    is relieved would that help LPR?
    Thanks for your blog…it really is good and comforting.

    1. Hey Patricia, You should be able to see your score as soon as you do the test. If you are still having problems send me an email and I can do the test for you.

  20. Hi David, This is Eli, I have been having symptoms of acid reflux for about 4 years and for a while I’ve had bad indigestion, sore throats when waking up, more sinus infections and it I can feel acid coming up my throat. I can feel it burn as it comes up. Even headaches and breathing problems. The past few days I’ve had bad heartburn, Indigestion and it hurts to swallow, talk and foods take awhile to get down. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything and have not been treated. what may this be cause of? And can LPR and Gerd occur together

  21. Hi David, this is a great site with eye opening information. I have GERD and sliding hiatal hernia and been on PPIs for 30 years. Also suffer from chronic sinusitis, have a constant hoarse voice and sore throat and sore/full left ear and allergic to animals, grass, pollen. It’s getting to the point where my work is being impacted due to sinus and hay fever that ends up in infection and fatigue. I have an appointment with a surgeon to talk about nissen fundoplication options. I will try Gaviscon dual action available in Australia. It contains Sodium Alginate. Do you think my symptoms could be related to GERD and LPR?

    1. I personally wouldn’t recommend taking the Pataprozole, if you are still taking it probably best to slowly ween off it assuming you only have LPR symptoms as the PPI’s won’t likely help in the long run. Instead get the gaviscon and look into your diet and start avoiding the common trigger foods to start.

      1. Hello I have had lpr for 8 months lately I was diagnosed with asthma and I dont think I have it cause my peak flow is always over 700 and I struggle to get a full breath inhale

        1. Hi Kevin,
          Sometimes LPR symptoms can be assumed to be asthma though that is often incorrect. It’s most likely caused my inflammation to the throat and nasal passage and nose caused by the pepsin entering the throat and nose. I would suggest making a alkaline solution and spraying into the nose and throat after meals and before bedtime as explained in this video – A good way to know if its asthma or reflux is by this – if you struggle to exhale is asthma whereas if you struggle to inhale is more likely to be LPR related.

  22. Lyn Williamson

    Hi David, I was diagnosed with a 3cm hiatus hernia 18months ago after having heartburn and indigestion problems following a chronic cough. I was given 20mg omeprazole and managed fairly well, just the occasional lump feeling in chest until 3weeks ago. I had a sudden onset of a bitter metallic taste in my mouth, worse after eating, hoarse voice, cough and tingling sinuses. The omeprazole was increased to 40mg but after one week all the symptoms worsened. Not sure whether I have LPR only or GERD as well which has been suppressed by the impressive for 18months. Any thoughts?I am bothered about the taste onset out of the blue that I’ve never had before. I am going to taper the omeprazole, use gaviscon advance and look at the diet. Would you agree? Also, can’t help wondering that sorting the mechanics is the root to the problem.

  23. Hi David,
    I am glad I stumbled across this blog. All of the previous comments describe exactly what I have been going through for close to a year now. I have been to the gastro and ENT, and had an endoscopy, which showed esophagitis and was diagnosed with GERD. So I was put on PPI and Carafate. It seemed to help temporarily, but I feel the PPIs dont help. My symptoms seem to be more LPR related as I dont have heartburn. My symptoms are burning throat, excess mucus post nasal drip, breathing problems at times, and having a feeling of a lump in my throat. I have began diet changes, most notably cutting out dairy, caffeine, alcohol, fried food, fatty food. It seems to help some. I have also ordered the Gaviscon Advanced. Hope to stay on top of it and learn from others on this blog! Thanks

  24. Hi David,

    My name Tracy L. Collins and I have just been diagnosed with having Gerd, the chronic type of acid reflux, on March 6 – 2020. I am a 54 year old male and I have eating lots of spicy foods for a while including ( garlic and onions ) mostly every day with most my meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t know if had this condition, now, or if been had it and didn’t know I had it. And now, I think the spicy foods has permanently damaged my ( stomach LES ). Because, I can’t seem to drink plenty of water anymore and or eat plenty of food anymore, without gagging, burping and feeling nauseated a lot. I am congested a lot and have very bad burning sensations in my stomach and chest and I have asthma type symptoms, also. I can’t hardly lie down in bed at because of all of these symptoms. The doctor prescribed to me Pepcid ( Famotidine and took two of the pills at the emergency room in the hospital where were transferred to by EMC. But, i haven’t taken the pills again, since , because I am kind of afraid to keep taking the pills, because, of the side effects of the pills. Do you know any other ways to help Gerd , Chronic Acid reflux get better, or there is no help for it to get better? I have been searching the internet, the past two days, since I was diagnosed, with this condition, to see if there are any other alternative ways to help reverse this condition, or help it become better. And also, i think i am getting a mild to moderate fever with this condition, now. Can you help me this condition?

    Best Regards,
    Tracy Collins

    1. I mean if you have bad symptoms I am sure he would have likely some inflammation etc. Even still if you have symptoms there is definitely a reason for them whether it was visible to him or not.

      1. I think this test is an quite a accurate way to determine if you have LPR, if you scored over 15 then the chance you have LPR is over 90%.

      2. Hey,
        I was wondering if the symptoms I had could be related to lpr. I have a chronic green phlegm for several years. The phlegm is stuck and difficult to remove. I usually manage to remove the phlegm from my throat in the morning. Plus I feel a globus filling in my throat. Besides, there are no additional symptoms.

        1. Hi Lital,
          It could be LPR yes though it’s hard to say definitively just from them two symptoms alone. If changes to a low acid diet for example give you an improvement that would point to it being LPR yes.

  25. Hi David,
    Thank you for your information, it’s been very useful. My son reported a lump sensation in his throat after Xmas, after a nasty bout of sickness. It hasn’t gone away and it’s taken us a while to realise his feelings of nausea (sometimes so bad he’s up til 1 am shaking and crying) came from a gagging sensation in his throat and no nausea in his tummy at all. No heartburn either. Now after 2 weeks of anti-reflux diet about 90% of his symptoms (some of which I hadn’t realised were related) have stopped. The lump in his throat still persists but is more an irritation than a real issue. We want it to go though. He’s seeing a paediatrician in April so will see what they say, but wanted to say thank you for information. I want to try the Gavision Advance too but unsure because of his age, really don’t want drugs like Omeprazole.

  26. Hermawaty sinaga

    Hi great site there..i started to feel pain on my throat for 2 weeks n Small cough as it felt tickly, but after that I realised it was burning feeling as well as on my chest, and sometime on the day i got like gas pain on my tummy, and when i woke up in the morning i felt pain on my tummy too, anytime i felt pain on my tummy it’s always in different places most of time under my chest bone. And it caused me light headed sometime especially before eating, and burning on chest after eating. So i got omeprazole from doctor and it’s around 5 days now feeling a bit better but the burning sensation on chest n up, n the tummy pain still come sometime. I wonder is it Gerd or LPR? Thanks

    1. Hey Jeff. Yes belching is something that can and does make this worse most often in my experience. When I had bad symptoms before, I was belching a lot. When I got my symptoms under control my belching almost has completely stopped. Yes, for some people losing some weight can make a massive difference, as the pressure around the stomach from the added weight makes reflux more likely as you may already know. So I think that’s a good plan that will help in the long run for you. Also thank you for your interest in the book and best of luck 🙂

      1. I could be, if you score is over 15 on this test thats a strong indication that it is LPR. I know it’s easier said than done but try to remain calm, stress and anxiety will only make it worse.

        1. I think if that helps it’s more than worth it in my personal opinion. Of course there are certain alternatives that can be good choices for someone with reflux. For example carob is a great alternative to chocolate and if you want alcohol a potato based vodka is a much better choice than red wine. Try something in moderation and see how you react is what I would suggest. The gaviscon should help as well 🙂

        2. How do you like Gaviscon Advanced?
          My doctor just told me about this and said to get the UK version. Do you like Gaviscon? Does it help?

  27. David
    Luckily just came across this site by looking around my Facebook groups on GERD and LPR. Lots of good info! My Doctor thinks I have classic GERD. This all started in September of this year. Was put on Omeprazole and have been on it religiously since. I started a low acid diet in December and have been very strict on that as well. I don’t eat or drink any of the common triggers and really never have. It’s been six months and still having the same issues. Went to a GI and told him my symptoms. Glob-us,Post Nasal drip, sinus pressure, ear clogged, mucus, clearing cough and occasional pain below sternum and I use to have soreness in chest. I told him I believed that it was LPR. He said that he didn’t believe it was LPR and that it didn’t sound like GERD but I had some GERD like symptoms. Told me if I wanted we could take a look with scope. May 6th is the scope. Feel like I’m not getting much direction or guidance. Been to 3 Doctors and now a GI. I’m pretty in tuned to my body and have been in great health till this. LPR is what I think. Thoughts on next direction? Thinking ENT but it takes forever to get in to see one in Canada. Thanks for any help Kevin

  28. Hi David,

    I had burning upper stomach, belching and hiccups last November and doctor assumed stomach ulcer , also had H Pylori infection detected , I took pantoprazole for 10 days. After stopping pantoprazole I had bad acid rebound with heartburn which lasted like 2 weeks . After that I noticed throat burning January … sore throat that won’t go away .. pain while talking … feeling of clearing my throat and mucus in throat , sometimes I feel like sensation of food in throat too.. I am treating H Pylori within this March on antibiotics at present for two weeks.

    Please let me know if the burning stomach and presence of HPYLORI would have caused me this throat problems … Also would eradication of H PYlori have this symptoms cleared up ??

    1. Hey Peter, Thank you for the kind comments. I am glad to hear that the ENT actually knew it was from sient reflux, that tends to be quite uncommon currently. As for starting the omeprazole and the gaviscon, I personally wouldn’t recommend taking the omeprazole because it has been shown to not be effective at helping silent reflux though the gaviscon advance should definitely help. If you want more info on why I don’t recommend PPI’s check out this article – silent reflux treatment.

  29. Hi..

    I was diagnosed with HPYLORI had bloating and burning stomach last December .. currently I’m treating with antibiotic triple therapy for 14 days . Before triple therapy I took pantoprazole ppi for 10 days in December and when I stopped I had serious reflux and heartburn …. jaunaary I started experiencing burning throat and clearing of throat … pain in throat .. excess mucus in throat .. sore to talk as well and still burning stomach when I eat…

    After eradication of HPYLORI hopefully this month will all these symptoms go away? Is it causative of THS h pylori please help to let me know ..

  30. Im delighted to have found this wealth of information! Having been put on antibiotics for an unrelated condition for a period of 4 months, I recognised I began suffering from heartburn and awoke a few times with bile in my mouth. Just days after coming off them I awoke one morning to difficulty breathing and a dry congested sensation in my sinuses. My GP could not identify thd issue; I was tested for clots on the lung, sepsis, heart failure, and was sent away with an inhaler. After finding your website Im beginning to think I may have LPR or similar? Im trying to heal my stomach with probiotics and broth, and my GP prescribed something for the heartburn, but symptoms (sinus / difficulty breathing persist). Now with this global crisis is unfolding, resources for testing lungs / asthma etc are not available. Im at my wits end, but your page has given me a ray of hope that nothing more sinister is at play. Thank you.

    1. Tonya Shrewsberry

      Took the test, scores a 29. Have a scope scheduled for Friday. Will they see anything that will lead them to this diagnosis? I have been suffering from not being able to eat at all since April. Liquids are hit and miss. They went the neuro route first and ruled out stuff now we are back to gastro. Never put together that this year’s “allergy cough” seemed different and was hanging on so long. So no PPI? I can’t be triggering anything by food cause I can’t eat. I only get a bit of water in the last week. Why would I not be seeing improvement?

      1. They can see irritation or perhaps something like a loose LES or even ulcers for example. The endoscopy is far from a gold standard when it comes to diagnosing LPR. It’s gaseous reflux in your case, so you don’t need to consume any food for it too happen. Actually not eating would make it worse more likely as has been shown in some small studies.

  31. Supriya Chaphekar

    I am from India. And I took the test. My score is 24. I think I have LPR. I am facing acidity problems for long periods. But such symptoms like throat pain and ear pain with lump in throat I am facing first time. I am strictly vegetarian and follow simple diet. I am thankful to you as your test helped me to find out exact problem with me.

    1. Hey Lyn,
      Yes I would agree with your plan to help yourself. That’s exactly what I would recommend. If you have GERD symptoms when you are lowering the omeprazole perhaps its a good idea to replace it with a H2 blocker like ranitidine then you can lower that as well after depending on how you are processing. This can help with the heartburn and GERD symptoms without the negative effects of the PPI.

  32. I’ve been having this problem for over a month now, first I thought it was COVID because I’m having breathing issues. I waist trained consistently for a month and noticed I was getting bad breath, that turned into shortness of breath and eventually heart palpitations, burping, dry cough and now a nagging sore throat. Could it be that I permanently shifted my organs with the waist trainer? If that’s the case would diet change or ACV even help me? I’m reluctant to take Nexuim because I heard it could make problems worse. I really want to heal as soon as possible.

  33. Hi David,

    It all started with an ear infection that came out of nowhere and after it cleared up, after being given some antibiotics, my stomach was really troubling me, I had a sore throat and constant sounds in my throat, either after drinking water or out without ingesting anything at all, just by sitting.

    I was diagnosed with GERD with atypical symptoms and helicobacter pylori, given Nexium 1 month (20mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening) followed by 2 weeks (40mg morning and 40 mg evening at the same time I took the antibiotics). And then 40 mg each morning for 10 days, and then 4 more days, taking 40 mg every other day.
    Finished this 2 weeks ago and I am feeling worse and worse.

    I also have eustachian tube dysfunction and I think it has been caused by the acid in my throat reaching my ear, because I didn’t have any cold or other symptoms.

    I have been watching my diet for almost 3 months with almost no result at all. There are so many contradictory info out there, so I cannot know for sure if my low acid diet is ok. I eat mostly lean meat and steamed vegetables, oats and chia seeds, apples and bananas, low fat milk and bifidus yogurt. No coffee, processed or fatty food, pepper, tomatoes, I don’t eat spices at all, even before.. just need some advice on what I am doing wrong, I am at my witts end with constant earn issues (including awful tinnitus) for which I need to take ibuprofen and this affects my stomach as well…

    Many thanks

    1. Hey Tracy,
      The first and best thing you can do it avoid the obvious trigger foods like I covered here. If you are eating garlic and onions they would both likely worsen your GERD symptoms for example.

    2. Hi Andreea,
      The would suggest stopping the Ibuprofen, it really is awful for the stomach and likely could or will bring on some if not all your symptoms in the first place. It sounds like you are doing quite a good job on the diet. What you mentioned you eat sounds good though I wouldn’t take the yogurt because they tend to be too acidic. You can always send me a email at and explain me your diet more so I can maybe offer some suggestions.

  34. Hi David, I’ve been having this problem for over a month now, first I thought it was COVID because I’m having breathing issues. I waist trained consistently for a month and noticed I was getting bad breath, that turned into shortness of breath and eventually heart palpitations, burping, dry cough and now a nagging sore throat. Could it be that I permanently shifted my organs with the waist trainer? If that’s the case would diet change or ACV even help me? I’m reluctant to take Nexuim because I heard it could make problems worse. I really want to heal as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Cheyenne,
      I doubt you permanently changed the position of your organs no, though as I have heard waist trainers can cause issues like that and I would suggest you stop to use them if you haven’t already. The diet should help yes and it’s a good plan of action.

  35. Hi,
    I took the test and got 11. So I’m not sure if I have Lpr but these are some of the symptoms I’ve been having for the past year. I’ve been having post nasel drip, thick stringy mucus in throat, bad breath, bubbly saliva, salty sour taste in mouth, sometimes I get a slight burning in the upper stomach once in while more when I lay down. Dr said I have acid reflux and gave me pantoprazole but it did nothing but make me burp a lot. I stop taking them and did the hpylori test and it came back negative. I’ve been doing the low acid diet but no improvement so far.

    1. Hey Kevin, glad to have helped! It sounds like LPR to me from what you have mentioned. Generally going to doctors even specialists often won’t be much use due to lack of knowledge on LPR. Not to say that there aren’t doctors that are great and knowledgeable on the topic because there absolutely are it’s just not that common at least for now. My advice is what I have suggested on the site – diet, gaviscon advance & some lifestyle changes.

    2. Hi Rachel,
      That does sound like LPR to me even with a slightly lower score. Sometimes you may need an adjustment with your diet, you can always email me at with what you typically eat maybe I can offer advice on that.

  36. I had dry cough and now i wokeup with a pain just in swallowing saliva and the pain in throat left side very down to the tonsils near to thyroids.i sleep and have pain but when i eat something like cold there is no pain.Dr gave me the antibiotic saying there is may be throat infection.i am taking nexium with the antibiotics and trying to follow ur diet plan.please suggest me is it gerd?

    1. Hey, clearing up the H Pylori could completely stop the symptoms and that is what I would hope. Of course it’s not guaranteed but more likely than not.

      1. Hey Austin,
        Thank you. Yes what you have planned to do and have done so far with the diet is great steps in the right direction. Just need to keep going and perhaps make a few more diet/lifestyle adjustments.

        1. Hey Nancy, thank you I’m glad it’s helped you. Yes things like stress and anxiety definitely will make acid reflux worse. If you can make changes to help stop or lower your stress your LPR should also improve.

    2. It depends what your symptoms are, if they are just the cough and throat pain, that could more point to LPR though it’s not definitive just based on them 2 symptoms.

  37. I’m not sure if I have LPR…I scored pretty low, a 8…My only symptoms are a sore throat down by my collarbone for 8 weeks, some post nasal drip. And a little mucus in the morning. My endoscopy was normal..even tho my throat feels like SO sore. I’m getting allergy tested this coming week and the doc wants to do a swallow study and PH monitoring. I’m at a loss of what to do! I’m treating LPR and allergies but the sore throat is still there.

    I just started taking pepcid morning and night and algenic acid at bed. I hate taking meds…but I tried diet and supplements for over a month and it didn’t do anything…I’m starting to think maybe it’s not LPR? I feel like with the changes I have made something should give!

    1. Some of your symptoms definitely point to LPR though as you said it’s not 100% conclusive but my educated guess is that you do have LPR.

  38. After my voice changed 5 years ago, I have had years of testing for respiratory problems. Finally, 2 months ago I have been diagnosed with LPR. The doc said, with the amount of inflammation and swelling, I have probably had it for years. I have changed my diet and only eat 4 small meals per day and never later then 5pm, and just recently found your site.

    Any ideas on how long healing can take for healing? I’m on medication and so far, am not comfortable stopping anything. I just started Advanced Gaviscon today.

    1. Yes it should go away once the H Pylori goes away probably though it is’t a guarantee. Yes when you mentioned you had serious heartburn when you stopped the PPI. This is normal, its a acid rebound effect when you stop taking them cold turkey, that’s why I always recommend tapering off them over a period of a few weeks instead.

      1. Hey Becky,
        That’s great to hear that your son has seen an massive improvement. I think for the lump sensation it could take a bit longer to calm and heal but it should over time. As for Gaviscon, it’s much less harmful than drugs like Omeprazole so taking it even occasionally for a flair up could be a good possibility.

        1. Hi Rohan, thank you! Yes based on what you have said it sounds quite like LPR causing your sinus/throat/ear problems. Ideally I would try and slowly taper off the PPIs, and taking the gaviscon dual action as you said.

  39. Amr Aboughazala


    I actually started having cold hands a year ago that was, made a blood test and was good but then I was advised to take medicine to help blood circulation. I postponed it. Then now at time of Corona since last March and the first day I felt a shivering, headache, needed to go to bathroom twice or three times (not my normal and not dirrhea). Then day number 2 had a sorethroat and went on for 1 day directly after having a conference call for 1 hour. The headache was not there on the second day and the sore throat disappeared after 1 day exactly. Then blocked nose at night for 2 consecutive days and that was all. After few days I had the pain in the chest that is not lasting but appear at some position, standing, laying down and while moving my body right and left. While swallowing, I always felt it is as if If something is swollen and less gap to pass stuff with no much pain. Also I feel with a relief with burning. I purb every time after I eat to otherwise I have problem with breathing. I run sometimes to force purbing to have the relief. Whenever I sleep on my ear it is painful like crazy in few seconds once I am not passing air in. One day I woke up almost screaming from pain as I slept over it without noticing but once I woke up the pain went away fast once the air went in.

    I took Pantoprazol 20 MG for 3 weeks in the morning that I only ate after it by 5 hours and only in the 3rd day the purbs stopped. Then the time for fasting that I used to eat only at 9 PM while the whole day no eating or drinking and at that month, my chest pain and my purbing totally stopped and I was fine.

    After that month I started eating normally but then the pain came back. Last week I touched my throat by mistake and I felt with a harsh pain as if I hold the swollen part or as if I touched something was there that moved to my chest and then my heart rate increased crazy. For a minute, I slept on my stomach and then the pain in chest decreased and the heart rate started to decrease. My temperature increased a bit, headache and again urge to go to bathroom more than once. Once I tried to eat my ear turned hot and red and my temperature increased slowly to 38 degrees. I stopped eating and it went down bit by bit through the day. I have more pain now in my chest and the purbing came back to the limit that I feel less oxygen available to my brain and once I purbed I felt the blood going through all my body including my brain and a big relief being able to take strong and deep breath. It takes only a minute to feel back the shortness of breathing and the need of purbing.

    1. I don’t know what you mean by purbing but it does sound like LPR related to me. Of course my first and most important suggestion is a low acid diet like my wipeout diet plan.

  40. Goretti Bardsley

    Hi I took the test and scored a 32 , I have been diagnosed with Gerd , gastritis sliding hernia , I am plagued with clearing my throat , worse in d morning but us there all day on and off , I’m on Nexium , I’ve been seen by ENT Doc who said my nasal etc passages showed erethama and we’re very dry , advised nasal rinse and my GP prescribed nasal spray , the throat clearing is very annoying and causes my throat to get sore , burning feeling in morning and slight ringing in ears, I take a gaviscon extra at night before bed to try and quell the acid , I’m a plain eater no spicy food , thanks for the RSI test Goretti

    1. Hi Goretti,
      Yeah absolutely sounds like LPR and the result of the test all but confirms that. I don’t know what spray your GP prescribed you but it likely probably isn’t ideal. I would suggest making your own with baking soda and alkaline water instead as explained in this video.

  41. Hi David: I’ve been following your diet for a couple of weeks now. I did get the Gaviscon Advance also but I think it might have triggered some Anxiety. I am generally just not feeling very well. I wanted to ask you if symptoms keep coming and going when you were healing. I guess I’m just looking for some information on how to gauge what is happening to me. I hope I hear back from you. Thank-you.

    1. Hey Supriya,
      I am glad to have helped. Yes if you have a high score like that it is almost certain you have LPR, I had a similar score when I first took the test years ago.

    2. Hi Grace,
      It could be just transitioning to the new diet caused feeling a little off while the body and the stomach adjust to the new diet. Perhaps just becoming mentally comfortable with the diet and also getting used to it perhaps could make you a little anxious as you get used to the new regime.

  42. Hi David. I just scored 17. It started for me back in April. I woke up one day and felt a bit like I had a lump in my throat. By this point the coronavirus had taken hold in the uk and doctors weren’t seeing any patients unless it was absolutely necessary. I had a couple of phone consultations with a GP which went nowhere so I was referred to the ear, nose, and throat clinic (which unfortunately is in the hospital so they weren’t seeing any patients either). After a phone call with them I was diagnosed as having GERD and prescribed proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole) and Gaviscon Advanced. After almost 2 months of treatment I don’t feel like my symptoms are improving at all, if anything I feel like they’re getting worse. Is there anything else I can do to improve symptoms or speed up healing? Is it worth me phoning the doctors and telling them my symptoms are more like LPR than Gerd? Many thanks

    1. Hi Gareth,
      I think a low acid diet is absolutely your best action now and things like not eating soon before bedtime and stopping eating big sized portion. I personally don’t think visiting the doctors in this case in worth your time, when they clearly are not knowledgeable enough to provide useful advice.

  43. Paul Logothetis

    Hello there! Great site with many tips for LPR.
    I got 10 at the test, I was diagnosed with LPR from my GP and I am taking PPI’s 20 mg once a day and Gaviscon advanced (UK) 3-4 times per day. After taking them for 16 days now I do not see any great results. I am a non smoker, I drink only water, fennel tea and camomile, no chocolate, no alcohol, no spicy foods, tomato, garlic or onions. From fruits I eat bananas, melons, kiwi and pears. About the coffee, I now drink only one single espresso. Do you think I should stop it at all? Thanks for your help!

    1. Yeah the waist trainer could of caused the problems. I would stop using it if you haven’t already. I doubt the trainer would of moved the organs permanently. I do think diet change could help you get back to normal and I definitely wouldn’t take apple cider vinegar it would only make things worse. I agree that some diet changes should be your first line of action to help yourself.

    2. Hi Paul,
      Thank you very much. I would suggest stopping the coffee in the meantime. Expresso is particularly acidic even more so than regular coffee not to mention the negative effect of caffeine on the stomach.

  44. I am having a acid reflux flare up due to stress right now and it has been a few weeks and nothing has changed.I’ve never had acid reflux in my entire life so I was surprised when I went to the doctor and they told me a diagnosis. I feel a burning sensation in my upper stomach and let me tell you it is not fun. I’m starting to change my diet hoping it will make it better. I’m also trying to incorporate some exercise through walking and yoga? How long do you think I would see results? Also do you possibly have any tips on how I can heal my stomach in the meantime?

    1. Diet changes are important as you have mentioned. As you mentioned about stress definitely look into trying to stop or lessen that, exercise can help even walking daily.

  45. I am waiting for an endoscopy, following acid reflux that started coming up in my mouth at night at the end of March 2020. I get a pain in my chest under my ribs. My tongue swells; I have pain in my ears, jaw near my ears, a persistent sore throat with excess saliva on many occasions. My ears feel under pressure and my nose keeps blocking. I am prescribed Omeprazole 20mg and am taking Gaviscon often during the day and night. Even my cheek bone area hurts on both sides and my upper neck hurts and causes some difficulty swallowing. I have tried virtually sitting upright in bed and not eating for a three hour period before bed and not drinking for two hours before bed. I have tried eating very small meals on a more regular basis and eating slowly. Due to Covid, my referral is taking longer than usual…please can you suggest my next course of action while I await the Endoscopy. I am becoming low in mood and can’t get any answers. Thank you.

    1. Diet changes to a low acid diet I would suggest. First try eliminating the trigger foods and then look to a natural low acid diet like my wipeout diet plan.

    1. It should help at least somewhat, you can always send me a email with your typical meal plan and I can offer some advice if needed.

  46. Can h Pylori case LPR….. I have lots of mucus in throat..and indigestion..burping..sometime burning in stomach.after eating acidic food my throat become sore

  47. Hi David
    Very helpful thank you.
    I scored 18.
    I have had throat / mucus / globus feeling for 8 weeks now. I had CT and MRI Oropharynx, Chest Xray, Hi Res CT chest, Spirometry, Gastroscopy, Referrals to ENT Surgeon, Respiratory Physician, Gastroenterologist, Cardiologist and everything was normal. I wake up at night with a choking / breathing issue but no wheeze, Great oxygen sats (my first aid kit pulse oximeter = 98% every time), etc. Also sometimes during the day. I have been on PPIs for 6 weeks. I will try Gaviscon now. Note I do have a hiatus hernia and a history of GERD. I am also seeing a psychotherapist to control the inevitable anxiety when I feel that I am choking. I do all the other things that you suggest – diet, bed raised, meals 3 hrs before sleep, etc. So I am hoping Gaviscon makes a difference. Thanks again for great information.

    1. Hi Steen,
      Happy to help, you can always send me an email to with your typical daily food intake and perhaps I can offer some advice. Hopefully gaviscon can help. Also worth looking into the muscle training device called Iqoro which has shown to help especially for people with hiatus hernia.

  48. Hi David,
    I have had problems with acid reflux for a few years now and more recently was put on some PPI’s which, as you’ve pointed out are not usually effective for LPR. So after a few weeks, with no difference I stopped taking them.
    My symptoms tended to be almost always when I went to bed, with the usual reflux episodes. However, what I have noticed over this last few weeks is that I am experiencing symptoms when upright and throughout the day. The most bothersome seems to be that whenever I burp (Which is frequently), I experience a dry burning sensation in the back of my throat and throughout my mouth. And though my voice has been hoarse for a while now, it seems to be worse after I burp, before improving a little, only to worse again after I burp. The strange thing is that I am not refluxing up any liquid/acid, just a dry burp yet it burns within seconds?!

    Does this sound like a symptom of LPR to you? I’d be most grateful for your thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elliott,
      Definitely a correlation between the burping and your symptoms. LPR is primarily gaseous reflux so when you are burping more of the pepsin and acid comes up into your mouth throat and everything else. Look into your diet, for example for me when I ate too many nuts or fiber in general it made me burp more which in turn made my symptoms worse. Try to follow a low acid diet, avoid trigger foods and perhaps even create a food diary to try and better understand when you are burping more and what’s causing it.

  49. I was dx with H pylori back in March the doctor give me 2 type antibotics x 14 days soon after I had a EGD/Colonoscopy done told I had inflammation in the stomach and 2 polyps. Biopsy was fine. Suddenly in April I started to have really bad heartburns with dry nasal with sinus pressures, burping, hiccups, clearing throat, irritated throat, ear pain, sore stomach, my stomach makes a lot of nose after I eat and pain shooting in my middle back. I couldn’t eat and lost a lot weight. My doctor is did all kinds of CT Scans and lab tests. She just said the tests are all normal. Now I’m getting another EGD tomorrow with a GI doctor. The medications Im taking is omeprazole 20gm x2 and Sucralfate 1gm x3. It really don’t seems to help sometimes. Please help.. Do I have LPR?

    1. From your symptoms you mentioned it definitely sounds like LPR to me Virginia. The antibiotics often make the digestive system worse so perhaps that explains your worsened symptoms.

  50. I am constantly clearing my throat and the mucus that is produced is very sour and burns my tongue, hard palate and lips. I also have constant post nasal drip that is thick and sticky. My sinuses, however, feel totally clear to me. I am going to receive my Peptest tomorrow. In anticipation of taking the test I stopped drinking alkaline water this morning. Now the burning is worse than ever. I only scored an 11 on the RSI test. What are my chances of having LPR? I will be getting an endoscopy next week. Are there any questions/concerns I should take up with my doctor before it is done?

    1. From what you have said I would assume quite a high chance of having it, if I had to put a number on it 80%. When seeing a doctor I always ask why. For example in your case the endoscopy. Ask what will they do if they find acid reflux what’s the protocol from there. If they are just suggesting PPIs after confirming the reflux then to me it’s arguably not worth doing the test at all.

  51. Last year in August 2019, I did endoscopy as I was experiencing lump in my throat but the reports were normal.Took volez L for a month and it subsided.
    This year,from May I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome C which really debilitate me with all the joint and muscle pain,foggy brain,headache,heart burn,chest pain, gingivitis etc.
    It’s been 7 days now that I have dry mouth, burning tongue sensation, difficulty in swallowing,lump in the throat,sore throat,burning throat n I feel as if my throat is closing, occasional heart burn.
    I’m taking pantoprazole twice a day,mucaine gel twice a day,normaxin thrice a day n trytomer 25mg at bedtime.
    Please suggest n I have Pituitary microadenoma for which I’m taking cabgoline.5 mg once a week.

    1. Absolutely low acid diet is the first and most important step. Try to eliminate the prominent triggers and then work to a low acid diet like my wipeout diet plan.

  52. Try low acid coffee called Puroast. It has 70% less acid than regular coffee and 7 times more antioxidants. Tastes great!

  53. Hello! I have been experiencing symptoms on and off for two years now. First it started with burning mouth syndrom and than my throat, as if something was stuck and sometimes a strange feeling like dryness but always on the left side. This time also earpain on the left side. Throat and ears are clear, doctor said it might be post nasal drip and prescribed cortizon spray. I have a lot of burping, sometimes stomach issues. The test was 28. Could it be LPR even though the throat and ear issues are only on one side? I eat healthy but a lot of acidic fruits, tomatoes, red meat…..thanks!

    1. Hi Susanne,
      Absolutely it sounds like LPR, I am quite confident from what you mentioned. That high a score is extremely indicative of LPR.

  54. I have been getting a sore tongue and throat like its been burnt drinking a hot drink. My throat also feels dry at the back like it closing up and had episode when i was watching tv i tried to swallow and it was though my throat was stuck and i just couldnt do it took 4 attempts so i was panicking. Alsi it always feels like ive got a lump of mucus in my throat. Nit sure about nasal drip as not sure what symtoms are but im always clearing my throat or trying to swallow. Dr has said just to take ranitidine. I am very confused as so many kinds of reflux ie liver reflux dry refux , wet reflux and so many contridicting advise. Im at my wits end as staring to think the worse

  55. Hello David, i’m suffering from Throat pain, feeling lump in my throat, pain when swallowing, enlarged pappillae (back of tongue) yellow coating on toangue, some time breathing problem, inflamed throat, ear and nose. Kindly help me, is it LRP or GERD ? i’m suffering about last year.

  56. Jonathan Hernandez

    Does the medicine Gaviscon have any side effects? I was going to start taking Nexium but after reading so many side effects I stopped. I currently changed my eating habits and started taking Aloe Vera juice and probiotics which I heard help with GERD.
    Thank you

    1. There are some potential side effects though these are quite rare to be honest. It tends to be much safer take in comparison to PPIs for example. Probiotics can help GERD yes though don’t seem to be the best choice for people with LPR in my experience.

  57. Hey David,
    I’m fairly new to all of this as I was battling what I thought was basic heart burn with tums nightly. After almost a year I finally said something is going on and I started talking more with my doctor. We finally scheduled an upper endoscopy and the results we not great. They diagnosed me with severe esophogitis or Barrett’s and GERD. They put me on a high dose of omeprazole and a sheet of paper that told me everything to stay away from. I’ve been doing a lot of research myself just like you had to because there has been no hand holding going on from the medical professionals. After stumbling across your web page and blog, it has really opened up my knowledge of everything going on with me. The PPI’s don’t really seem to be doing much, I have a constant burning in the back of my throat, all the mucus symptoms and if I accidentally over eat a little I feel like a pile of garbage. The most frustrating part is that they told me with the Barrett’s, that if it gets worse that it turns to cancer and currently there is no way to reverse Barrett’s. I’m almost certain I have LPR and I’m waiting another month and a half to have another endoscopy to determine if anything is getting better or if surgery is needed. That’s my story for now, thanks for listening, do you have any knowledge of Barrett’s other than what the doctors ha e told me and google??

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thanks for explaining. From my own knowledge barrets is simply damage to the throat or digestive tract that is at a worsened stage. Though I have heard stories of it being reversed naturally. So I wouldn’t take what the doctors have said for granted in that sense.

  58. Hi I have had throat/ear/jaw issues since having covid, gp said everything looked fine so I went to a private ent who saw inflammation and suggested it was due to lpr and advised gaviscon advance. Is there any way of finding out what has caused it, I have never had reflux problems before. Also can lpr cause a really dry mouth and ear pressure?

    1. Hi Laura,
      It can be challenging to know exactly what caused it or is causing it now. For some people it could be diet, for some being overweight, for some it could be medication or others it could be things like stress and anxiety making things worse. And yes LPR can cause a dry throat and mouth, and also can irritate the ears and cause the ear pressure for some people. I personally recommend, putting some olive oil into the ear this helps moisten the ear and helps with the ear problem usually caused by the ears becoming to dry because of the pepsin from the reflux entering the ear canal.

  59. I was recently diagnosed with lpr by an ENT but it was the gastroenterologist that prescribed Pantoprazole. I took it for 2 months and felt slight improvement. I stopped it when I started experiencing heart palpitations. Now I’m following your diet recommendations and just ordered gaviscon advance. I am getting slightly constipated probably because I’m not taking the Metamucil. I’m wondering if it would hurt with the low acid diet. I think I’m still rebounding from the meds.

    1. Definitely work on helping and stopping your constipation. Ideally naturally if at all possible. There is and could likely be a correlation between your LPR and your constipation. It increase the chance of bile reflux which also is a common cause of LPR. The meds may unbalance the digestive system that’s why I suggest if it’s possible to not use them.

  60. Hi David,
    I am so glad I found this page. I scored 15 and I have been dealing with hoarseness, constant nasal drip and clearing of throat for the past 4 months. I also feel burning in my throat but that came after the other symptoms. Have you heard of the Acid Watcher Diet? I was doing it but I didn’t have much improvement and found it really strict. Should I see a better result with your diet?
    Thanks 🙏🏼

    1. Hi Sharna,
      Yeah that score is a good indicator of LPR. I do know that diet. I would say my diet is similar to it though there are some important difference that I do feel make an important difference when it comes to LPR. Also things I have learnt myself and my readers which I have incorporated into the diet.

  61. Hey David, I just started about 2 weeks ago I started with having a metallic taste 1 whole day after drinking with my family then I got a left side sore throat with ear pain and after that I have really ugly acid taste that last all day I’m scared because every time I eat my throat starts to get tight right after.. I went to ent doc said my throat is healthy and ran an endoscopy down my nose to throat and said that looks good. Before all of this has started I had a lot of throat clearing and burping because I would eat a lot of acidic foods and spicy foods. Doc prescribed me with omeprazole 40mg but only works a little bit. I do have anxiety and stress as well I did the exam and rated me a 41 so what do you think Mr. David ?

    1. Hi Mariano,

      Definitely sounds like LPR, that is a high score and similar to what I had when I first had LPR myself. Diet changes are the most important, eliminating trigger foods and lifestyle changes like not eating soon before bedtime are important. In your case I would suggest my wipeout diet plan, that has the most fine tuned diet to help you feel better as soon as possible.

  62. Glad came across your blog thank you. My husband is suffering from Lpr, he has lost his appetite and food getting stuck in the throat. Not sure what to do.j

    1. Hi Lena,
      It’s firstly important to stop acid reflux trigger foods such as spicy, fatty, processed etc, see more here. Also following a more precise diet plan may be need like my wipeout diet.

  63. Weird, posting a comment seems to have fixed the issue.

    Scored 13. I’m always that person. I never fit firmly anywhere on charts, which always leaves me questioning.

    1. I would say 13 is still a score where you can and should have LPR, it’s just more definitive when you get a higher score. You could simply have slightly less minor LPR would be more assumption.

  64. David,
    I have been trying to get a diagnosis of my issues that I have been dealing with for over a year. I have a smell that I have been breathing for quite sometime. It seems to bother my sinuses and my eyes. I cannot really smell well and I foods don’t taste like they should. I have begun having mild ear aches, plugged ears on both sides and sore glands under the ears. I have also had a sore neck and my equilibrium seems to be affected and I walk or exercise. I have a slight sore throat in the back of the throat, some hoarseness and clearing of the throat. I have a weird taste in my mouth and a little bit of a sore tongue. I have also experienced some mucous, especially in the morning when I am brushing my teeth. June 2nd I had a bad vertigo attack and ended up in the hospital for 2 days. Extreme dizziness and extreme fatigue. The fatigue has subsided for the most part, but still feel unbalanced. I have had and EDG with a bravo test. Concluded that I have reflux but no H. Pylori. I am on a PPI but seems to do no good for my other issues I am having. I don’t have any breathing issues or a lump in my throat. I have had an MRI of the brain and it was normal. My Dr. doesn’t seem to know what I am dealing with and wants to send me to the ENT Dr. for a scope of the sinuses and throat. I’m not sure if I have LPR but it seems I have a lot of the symptoms. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I have been trying to limit trigger foods and beverages and sleep with the head of the bed raised 6 inches.

    1. Hi Paula,
      It definitely sound like LPR from what you have suggested. I have had some of them symptoms myself at some point or another. I would 100% suggest diet changes, firstly eliminating the trigger foods and then if that doesn’t help enough following a more precise diet plan for LPR like my wipeout diet.

  65. Hi, is the LPR test no longer available. As soon as I press or scroll the keyboard the test disappears.
    I had burning in my throat and cannot get anything warm past my throat. When eating or drinking even slightly warm I feel the burn in my throat.
    Is this normal, that one can not have a warm drink or warm food in LPR.
    After no difference with ppi for 3 weeks went to ENT said the lower phyrnx looked little red so it may silent reflux. I have no other symptoms.
    Some weeks later the tongue started to burn and then this increased to the roof of the mouth. I have been staying away from fried stuff, citrus fruits but eat mild curry. Yet there’s no difference. Recently i started having a feeling of something stuck in the throat. I decided to go on a complete blend diet, but 3 weeks later and no difference noticed.
    I’ve been given medication for desensitising my mouth.
    Been told now that because of the bms I will not realise the difference in my throat even if there was any.

    1. Hi Zakir, I had some technical problem with it. I think it should be resolved now and be working as intended. It’s not normal as you mentioned. But some foods and drinks can easily cause that issue of the burning if you have LPR. Should be considering diet firstly and working from there.

      It does sound like LPR from what you mentioned. I definitely would suggest taking a look at my wipeout diet. A more precise diet plan is likely what you need to help stop your symptoms.

  66. Hi,
    I was told by my ENT and Gastrointestinal DR that I have GERD thou to me sounds more like LPR. My symptoms used to be burping, Sore throat, burning mouth, sour taste in the mouth, difficulty swallowing like the muscle at the beginning of my throat is contracting and it moves from left to right, lump feeling in the throat and ear Aches on both sides. I began gavision and the only major symptom left was the difficulty swallowing I would get the occasional earaches and throat irritation but hardly . I assumed it had gone till three weeks after I began burping, getting the burning throat feeling/sore throat ( which is worse in the evening ), the sour taste, earaches with the difficulty swallowing still. Then I found this blog and realised I have been handling it all wrong. I have been consuming chocolates almost every other day as well as consuming spicy foods. I have now decided to go on LPR diet by Gods grace it works. I think I have had it for a long time because I remember about 7 years ago I was constantly clearing my throat with a cough that won’t go away I even had to stop coffee because it gave me heartburn. But this stopped after some months I probably changed my diet abit I can’t remember. It started again two months ago when I was given diclofenac ( a NSAID ) for a month for cervical spondylitis and I would sleep immediately after eating because of the spondylitis. So from your expert opinion does it sound like LPR? I also had the ENT do endoscopy but she only checked the top structures and they were fine. Should I get her to check all the way to the tummy?

    1. Hi Ayeesha,
      It definitely sounds like LPR to me from what you have mentioned not GERD. It’s up to you if you want to have them check it, personally I would work on the diet changes, and if possible limit the NSAID because its not good at all for the stomach and digestive system.

  67. Hi David,
    Chronic sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of LPR, yet sore throat is not included in the RSI test. Any idea why? Sore throat is my main, ever present symptom and I have read about LPR patients whose ONLY symptom is sore throat.

    1. Well there are other questions that are tied to it basically, such as hoarseness, coughing, lump in throat etc. That’s the main reason I would say. Of course the test is not perfect but just a general good indicator. If you think you have LPR and sore throat is your only symptom it is still possible.

  68. scored 15 on rsi. my gp doesnt think i have lpr because my barium swallow was
    normal and my vocal cords show no scarring. my ent is treating me with allergy shots. my new ent just started me on ppi’s and h-2 blockers and low fat/acid
    diet. been 2 weeks no change in symptoms. what are your thoughts. desperate
    for help, suffering with postnasal drip and chronic cough and throat clearing
    for 6 months. thanks, john

    1. While 15 is not a very high score it’s still a good indicator that you have LPR. I’d be quite confident that is your problem. The allergy shots haven’t helped because it’s not related to that. I would suggest a low acid diet like my Wipeout Diet plan along with taking an alginate medicine like Gaviscon advance (UK). You may be doing a low acid diet right now though I’d guess there are still things you are eating that would makes things worse and stop you from feeling better. Hence I’d recommend my diet so you can see the important differences. In addition drink alkaline water and make an alkaline water spray with water and bicarbonate of soda and spray into your throat and nose. Email me and I can explain how to do that in more detail.

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