Reflux Symptom Index(RSI) Test

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Welcome to the Reflux Symptom Index Test

How this Test works is for each of the statements you choose a rating of 0-5 on how much each condition effects you. If no have no problem with it you score yourself a 0, if you have a severe problem with it you score a 5.

1. Hoarseness of problem with your voice
2. Clearing your throat
3. Excess throat mucus or post nasal drip
4. Difficulty swallowing
5. Coughing after eating or lying down
6. Breathing difficulty or problems
7. Chronic or annoying cough
8. Lump in throat feeling (globus sensation)
9. Heartburn, chest pain or indigestion


  1. I like the test. I can’t differentiate between Gerd and LPR after being diagnosed with HPyroli. I used to have heartburn but after taking point for 3 weeks, I now have a dry throat with a burning sensation

    • If you have H-pylori I believe that can be treated with most commonly anti-biotics. Also there is a natural alternative called mastic gum which has been proven to stop H-pylori as well. I would recommend considering them.

  2. I have been diginosed with heritable hernia and acid reflux More than a year ago. I thought it had gone away but it is back with burning mouth and the breathing problem. I an taking digestacure it is for autoimmune . It healed before so I hope it will this time. I did not have the breathing and wheezing before only at night when I lay down after a few hours of sleep. I know to stop coffee wine and spicy foods or acidic things. Are there other foods I should be careful of.

  3. I have this terrible dry nose and chest and throat, facial flushing and the sinuses are so dry I start smelling this smoky smell when nothing around me is burning.
    Pretty sure I have it.

    • Yeah based on your symptoms there is definitely a good chance. Acid can affect the sinuses and there is a good chance the dryness is caused by the acid reflux as well

  4. I didn’t realize this could affect my sinuses as well. Good to know. I’ve been researching esophageal erosion and some of the things I read don’t seem to apply to me, but what I’ve found here does. I scored 22. I’m trying to heal my throat. I think acid is getting to it, but I don’t feel it happening. I’ve never heard of silent reflux, or read it might take 6 months to heal. I’m a LOT less depressed about this.

  5. Had Strep throat in January and Tonsillitis in February. Still have a slight sore throat and sometimes a globus sensation. Compared to March of this year I would say I am 92% healed around my throat but still lingers here and there. Anybody know how long for it to possibly heal completely. Don’t get me wrong some days I feel 100% but would love to feel 100% all the time. thanks

    • Hi David,

      Its hard to say with any certainty. Perhaps something you are eating can be slightly triggering it. But it’s hard for me to know without knowing your diet and lifestyle.



  6. I changed my diet about 3 weeks ago. the cough has gone (that was driving me crazy), the nasal drip has gone, I am not swallowing all the time. But the mucus is still there and my throat is burning and I am very hoarse, how long does it take to heal?

    • Hi Alan,

      There is not sure way to know how long it will take to heal as everyone is different. Usually people who follow my diet plan and take gaviscon advance see improvements within 2 weeks but for others it may take a couple of months before improvement is seen.

  7. Hello,

    I have been diagnosed by doc with GERD. I feel like I something stuck in my throat (globus sensation) and experience tightness in my throat. Also I feel need to clear my throat everyday morning. I can also feel regurgitation due to acid and distaste in mouth. Sometimes I feel a little pain when I contract base of throat muscles or a pellet stuck in throat when I touch the base of the throat. Could all of these be symptoms of LPR? Please advise.

    • Hi Patrick,
      Based on the symptoms you have mentioned that sounds very like LPR. Send me an email if you need any more advice 🙂

    • Hi Ryan,
      It’s different for each individual person. Some people may have to avoid them for the foreseeable future whereas others only temporarily until they are healed and feeling better.

  8. So essentially, I have to give up my food groups (caffeine, alcohol, chocolate) in order to be cough-free? That makes me sad. I did purchase the Gaviscon Advance – fingers crossed!

    • I think if that helps it’s more than worth it in my personal opinion. Of course there are certain alternatives that can be good choices for someone with reflux. For example carob is a great alternative to chocolate and if you want alcohol a potato based vodka is a much better choice than red wine. Try something in moderation and see how you react is what I would suggest. The gaviscon should help as well 🙂

  9. You have no idea how much good you are doing to people like us with GERD with this blog. Thank you so much.
    I am a former Opera singer diagnosed with GERD, this illness destroyed my career, after 7 years I realized that GERD was the reason of my hoarseness.

    I am taking PPIs now and they are not doing much but at least I know what is the problem as I was in the dark before.
    Will see my GI to evaluate my condition and chances for a surgery, probably will try stretta and dif no improvement, fundoplication. I am a bit skeptical with LINX procedure as I am diabetic type 1 and don’t want any device in friction with my esophagus there inside, it could perforate it with time.

    Thank you for having a platform like this for people like us.

    • You are most welcome Norman thank you for your kind comments. If you are suffering from throat pain your symptoms could be more akine to LPR or silent reflux and likely PPIs won’t help with that. You can read more about it on my complete LPR guide here. What you have said with the surgery options I would definitely agree with. I read that stretta has an 85% success rate for people with LPR so that is very high probably that it will help.


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