Are Instant Noodles Good for Acid Reflux? (or Ramen)

instant noodles

If you have acid reflux and want to eat some instant noodles or something like ramen you might be wondering if they are a good choice.

Generally instant noodles are an okay choice if you have acid reflux. Though some of them can be irritable especially if you have more severe acid reflux or if the instant noodles include ingredients such as chili.

Below we will go into this in more detail and if you really should eat instant noodles at all.

Is Instant Noodles Good or Bad for Acid Reflux?

Generally simple instant noodles with basic flavors such as chicken are okay if you have acid reflux. Though sometimes for people with more severe acid reflux they can be problematic.

Instant noodles are usually made from wheat flour. The wheat flour for most people should be an okay choice. Though the wheat is often mixed with other ingredients and preservatives that can be problematic for certain people with more sensitive digestive systems.

Also, some people’s digestive systems may not agree with wheat and notice it bothers their stomach or gut health too. Therefore, for these people the wheat is not the best choice. Of course, the wheat noodles themselves are usually an okay choice if you have minimal acid reflux especially when you eat them in moderation.

The second important element of instant noodles is the spices/ingredients packet of course. This will vary wildly depending on the brand and the flavor. As you might have already imagined spicey or stronger flavor spices are generally more likely to be problematic if you have acid reflux. This is not only true for people with more severe acid reflux like GERD and LPR but anyone who may suffer from the occasional acid reflux flare up. If you want to stay on the side of caution it would be best to go for the more simple kind of flavors like chicken or beef that are not spicy. While these are not perfect by any means they are much less likely to trigger acid reflux than curry or chili options.

If you have more severe acid reflux even the simple flavors may be problematic for you. If you want to try it I recommend starting with a smaller amount and see how it affects you. You can even opt for using half of the typical spices included which will make the spice and flavor less intense but also lower the chances of any effects of acid reflux.

If you aren’t sure what instant noodles to avoid, here are a few recommendations. Avoid spicy flavors and avoid tomato-based options.

In terms of the best choices if you have acid reflux, go for more simple flavors like chicken or beef. Ramen styles are often quite good and less intense than other options too.

When it comes to instant ramen the same applies as typical instant noodles. Usually opting for the more simple ramen is good and avoiding chili and the like to lower the chances of acid reflux.

Freshly made ramen will often be a better choice than instant ramen because the ingredients used are fresh and therefore less acidic than their preserved and dried counterparts. Also, because both are water based it helps to make the ramens broth and ingredients included less acidic and easier on the stomach and the whole digestive system. That’s because these ingredients are mixed with the water that makes all the other ingredients less acidic.

If you need more diet advice for acid reflux check out my Wipeout Plan. Also, for tailored advice and guidance book a Private Acid Reflux Consultation Here.

Important Related Questions

What Kind of Noodles Are Good for Acid Reflux?

The best kind of noodles for acid reflux are rice noodles with nothing added to them. The reason these kind of noodles are best is because rice itself is a safe ingredient for almost everyone even people with more severe acid reflux.

Rice noodles with nothing added are easily the best. That’s because they will be less acidic and more easy to digest for most people.

Are Instant Noodles Good for Digestion?

Instant noodles are okay on the stomach, but they are not really something that is considered good for digestion.

That’s because the noodles often have a lot of added ingredients and spices which can often be triggering or troublesome for digestion and can sometimes induce acid reflux for certain people or other digestive issues.

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