Does Olive Oil Cause Acid Reflux? (Or Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

olive oil

If you have acid reflux you might be wondering if olive oil is a good choice and if olive oil causes acid reflux?

Olive oil should not cause acid reflux and is considered safe for almost all people even with acid reflux. The same can be said for extra virgin olive oil which is an even better choice if you have acid reflux.

Below we will go into this in more detail and if there are any cases where olive oil might cause acid reflux problems.

Is Olive Oil Good or Bad for Acid Reflux?

If you want to have olive oil and you have acid reflux, it should be a good choice. In terms of oils, olive oil is arguably the best oil if you have acid reflux. This is because it’s completely natural usually with no additives and only minimally processed.

Extra virgin olive oil in particular has an acidity level of less than 1.5%. Which makes it extremely unlikely to cause or trigger acid reflux symptoms. Keep in mind that olive oil can be used in it’s raw form or can even be used to cook with. Either way is completely fine if you have acid reflux.

One thing you should keep in mind is the quantity of olive oil that you use. If you take too much olive oil this can mean too much fat intake. When you take too much fat this can trigger acid reflux symptoms for some people. This is true even though it’s a natural fat it can still trigger issues.

Therefore, the only important advice when taking olive oil is to be aware of the fat content. Meaning it’s important to have it in moderation especially if you do notice olive oil giving you acid reflux symptoms. This is the most likely cause of acid reflux when taking olive oil.

Now lets compare extra virgin olive oil with regular olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil will be a better option than regular olive oil. That is because it is the most pure form of the olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the least processed which often helps make it easier to digest and break down in the stomach. The more refined the olive oil the more likely it may irritate your acid reflux.

My advice regarding which to choose is to go for extra virgin olive when possible but regular olive oil is also a good option. Although if you have severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR then opting for extra virgin olive oil is especially important.

When cooking with olive oil it’s usually fine to sauté meats and vegetables in a fair amount of oil. Just keep in mind that if you use too much oil or deep fry using olive oil you are much more likely to increase your chances of acid reflux. This is especially true if you have more sensitive acid reflux. Someone with more minor acid reflux may notice no acid reflux even when deep frying with olive oil though usually it’s best to keep it in moderation to lower any chance of that.

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Important Related Questions

Can Olive Oil Help Acid Reflux?

Olive oil is usually a good choice if you have acid reflux. While it may not directly help acid reflux it won’t make it worse either and is often considered the best oil if you have acid reflux.

What Oils are Good for Acid Reflux?

In addition to olive oil and extra virgin olive oil the next best oil if you have acid reflux is coconut oil. That’s because it’s natural and usually does not trigger or irritate acid reflux symptoms.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good for the Stomach?

Extra virgin olive oil is arguably the best choice of oil for the stomach. This is because it’s completely natural and almost will never be a trigger for most people’s acid reflux.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil More Acidic?

In terms of acidity extra virgin olive oil has one of the lowest acidity levels for any oil like it. Which makes it a great choice for almost everyone.  

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