Is Corn Acidic or Alkaline? (Is It Good for Acid Reflux?)


If you want to eat corn you might be wondering if it’s acidic or alkaline and if it’s a good choice for acid reflux.

Corn is acidic with a pH level of around 5.5 to 7 pH. This makes corn slightly acidic. Generally speaking, corn is considered a safe choice if you have acid reflux though there are a few instances where corn may not be a good choice.

Below we will go into corns acidity in more detail and if you really should be eating it if you have acid reflux. 

Is Corn Acidic?

Corn is slightly acidic on the pH scale with a pH of around 6. This means in terms of acidity it’s only slightly acidic. If you are concerned about more acidic foods then corn is nothing to worry about.

One important thing to note with this is that most fruit and vegetables are alkalizing once they have entered the stomach whereas with corn it is acid forming once it’s been digested.

For most people this should not be of any concern but for some people with more sensitive acid reflux like GERD or silent reflux this could be an issue.

Is Corn Good for Acid Reflux?

Overall corn is considered a good and safe choice if you have acid reflux. Corn is a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber which make it’s a good choice for most people’s diets. Corn also has antioxidants included which have shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which in turn can calm and ease inflammation that is related to acid reflux.

There are different types of corn, of course fresh, frozen, and canned. Canned corn tends to be more acidic because it sometimes is kept in preservatives and sugar to name a couple. Fresh is the best choice but frozen is also a fine choice too. For this article we will be mostly focusing on the benefits and effects on fresh or frozen corn.

One way that corn helps to lower acid reflux symptoms is by reducing the acid in the stomach. Corn itself is a low acidity food. This means that once you eat it, it can help balance and lower any excess acidity in the stomach or digestive tract.

It’s also important to mention that corn has resistant starch included. Resistant starch is a type of fiber which increases the production of fatty acids in the gut. Why this is important is because these fatty acids can also help lower and reduce any inflammation in the digestive system which in turn can also ease acid reflux symptoms.

As corn is high in fiber, it’s worth noting that fiber helps with good gut health and healthy bowel movements. This can also help prevent constipation for some people.

Keep in mind that while corn is generally a safe option for most people some may find corn to be a trigger. A couple of likely reasons why you might find corn bothers your acid reflux is excess fiber. Some people do not deal well with too much fiber, and this can sometimes worsen symptoms especially if you are prone to bloating or other gut issues like IBS or SIBO. Also as corn is acid forming after it has been digested this can unbalance the digestive system for certain people which can lead to worsened acid reflux effects.

Overall corn is slightly acidic and generally a good choice if you have acid reflux. If you do have more severe acid reflux then it may be best to start with a small amount of corn to make sure it’s not a trigger of yours before eating more of it.

Also it’s best to opt for fresh corn as it’s usually the least acidic and most nutritional and best to avoid canned corn because it can have added preservatives or sugars which may be more troublesome on your digestive system.

If you need more advice on foods and diet for acid reflux check our Wipeout Diet Plan. Also, for tailored guidance and advice you can book a Private Acid Reflux Consultation with Me Here.

Important Related Questions

Is It OK to Eat Corn with Gastritis?

Corn typically should be a fine choice if you have gastritis. If you want to start of the side of caution you can start with just a small amount of corn to make sure it doesn’t flare your symptoms before eating more.  

Is Cooked Corn Acidic?

Yes cooked corn is slightly acidic, but it is nothing to be concerned about if you have acid reflux.

Can Corn Irritate Your Stomach?

In some cases, corn may disrupt your digestion for one reason or another. Though this is not too common.

Is Sweet Corn Good for Gastric?

Generally sweet corn is more likely to irritate the stomach or cause gastric issues than fresh or frozen corn. Therefore, if you have any gastric problems we recommend opting for fresh ideally or frozen when possible.

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  1. I don’t have issues with fresh corn, but corn flour makes my reflux flare up horribly…I’d love to know more about why corn flour is so damaging while corn is not.

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