Is Mayonnaise Bad for Acid Reflux? (Is It Acidic?)


If you have acid reflux you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to eat mayonnaise.

If mayonnaise is bad for your own acid reflux will depend on the severity of your acid reflux. If you have minor or only occasional acid reflux mayonnaise might okay for you. Whereas if you have more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR it’s a good idea to avoid mayonnaise as it could worsen your acid reflux symptoms.

Below I will get into this in more detail so you know if mayonnaise really is bad for your acid reflux and if you should eat it.

Mayonnaises Ingredients

Before we get into if mayonnaise is bad for acid reflux we should first talk about how mayonnaise is made and the typical ingredients. Mayonnaise is typically made up of a few ingredients including eggs, sunflower oil, mustard, and vinegar and/or lemon juice.

Now I will take an individual look at the ingredients and how they affect acid reflux.


Eggs for acid reflux are completely fine. They are usually very slightly acidic or even alkaline. There is no concern with the eggs.

Sunflower Oil

Depending on your acid reflux sunflower oil could be a problem.

For the average person with acid reflux sunflower should be okay in small amounts but for some people with GERD and silent reflux it’s almost certain to make symptoms worse. Therefore, avoiding it for them kinds of people is often best.


As you might imagine mustard is not good for most people with acid reflux. It’s quite acidic with a pH of around 4.

The only case when having mustard might be okay if you have acid reflux is if your acid reflux happens quite rarely, a little mustard might be okay, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

Vinegar/ Lemon Juice

Both vinegar and lemon juice are very acidic. They should be avoided for anyone with acid reflux no matter the severity of it.

Is Mayonnaise Bad for Acid Reflux?

When you look at mayonnaises ingredients most of them are not great for acid reflux. The main exception being the eggs and the oil to a degree.

When you look at the overall makeup of mayonnaise it’s mostly made up of the oil. So, while the oil lowers the acidity of things like the vinegar and the mustard the overall mixture of mayonnaise is still quite acidic. Mayonnaise usually has pH of around 4 or a bit lower. While this is not very acidic it’s certainly acidic enough to irritates someone’s acid reflux who is more sensitive or people with silent reflux.

If you compare mayonnaise with other common condiments it tends to be less acidic in comparison, so while it’s not great for acid reflux it’s not the worse choice of condiments.

My overall advice for this is to avoid mayonnaise if your acid reflux is more sensitive or if you have conditions like GERD or LPR.

If your acid reflux is more under control taking a little mayonnaise occasionally should be okay. Keep in mind if you do take it and it worsens or causes your symptoms you should stop taking it from that point forward.

Remember everyone is unique and what bothers some people might not bother others, and that everyone has their own acid reflux trigger foods and condiments.

For a complete list of foods and ingredients I recommend for acid reflux check my diet plan here – Wipeout Diet Plan. For even more advice and guidance consider an acid reflux consultation here.

Is Mayo Acidic?

Mayonnaise is acidic but when compared with other condiments it’s not as acidic.

You can expect mayonnaise to be around a 4 pH or a little lower.

While this is acidic it’s not very acidic or close to alkaline. It’s sort of a middle ground that makes it an okay choice for certain people.

Interesting Related Questions

Is Mayonnaise Bad for GERD?

For people with more severe acid reflux or GERD it would be best to avoid taking mayonnaise because of its acidity and certain ingredients not being the best choice for acid reflux.

Vinegar and mustard are particularly bad. While these ingredients acidity are balanced out somewhat by the oil, the overall mixture is still a bit too acidic for someone with more severe acid reflux.

Does Mayonnaise Cause Heartburn?

For some people mayonnaise might cause heartburn. That’s because of certain ingredients like the mustard and the vinegar being quite bad for acid reflux.

Also, as the oil is usually the main ingredient of the mayonnaise it too is also not great, and for certain people might not be tolerated well.

What Condiments are Bad for Acid Reflux?

It’s quite common that most condiments are not good for people with acid reflux. That’s often because of the ingredients that are included in these condiments.

For example, a lot of condiments are made with a tomato base which is often quite acidic and is typically bad for acid reflux.

Also, a lot of condiments use vinegar, vinegar is one of the worst things for acid reflux due to its high acidity which often causes or worsens acid reflux symptoms.

What Sandwich is Good for Acid Reflux?

What often makes a sandwich bad for acid reflux is the condiments used. Often a cheese sandwich is a good choice because cheese isn’t a trigger for most people with acid reflux. In terms of condiments, keeping it simple is best, so things like pure butter and olive oil are good.

What Kind of Salad Dressing is OK for Acid Reflux?

Most store-bought salad dressings are not good for acid reflux due to often including vinegar which is very bad for acid reflux.

Making your own salad dressing is often best using olive oil, and some ingredients such as ginger, cumin, salt, and herbs etc. You can even use extra virgin olive oil on its own as a more simple option.

For more information on salad dressings for acid reflux check our article – Best Salad Dressings for Acid Reflux & GERD. Also for more salad dressing recipes check my Wipeout Diet Plan.

Can Mayonnaise Upset Your Stomach?

In some cases, mayonnaise can upset your stomach. If your stomach is more sensitive or doesn’t agree with some of the ingredients this could quite easily happen.

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  1. Can Gerd give you a horrible burning all over your chest and sometimes bring on some anxiety, it’s scary? I hate it..

    1. Yes absolutely it can, the burning if often a sign but it’s worth getting checked over just to make sure it’s nothing else.

    1. Mayo is not the worst thing to add to sandwiches though it isnt ideal if you have bad acid reflux. I’d say you could cook the tuna with some suitable herbs or spices like cumin, ginger, fennel, paprika or most herbs. If you wanted an easy option you could also use butter.

    1. Yes definitely that can happen. It’s called LPR and is a bit different from the typical kind of acid reflux.

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