Is Chicken Noodle Soup Good for Acid Reflux?

chicken noodle soup

Generally speaking, chicken noodle soup can be a good meal for soothing the stomach and digestion in general but is it good for acid reflux?

Overall chicken noodle soup is good for acid reflux but there are a few caveats that you should know. For example, if the soup uses too many ingredients like garlic or spring onions this might trigger some people with acid reflux. Though because the soup is mostly made up of the broth which shouldn’t be too acidic for most people it should be a relatively safe choice even if you have acid reflux.

Below I will go into this in more detail to explain chicken noodle soups acidity and more details on the common ingredients used.

Is Chicken Noodle Soup Good for Acid Reflux?

Chicken noodle soup is a good choice for acid reflux for most people. That’s mainly because the broth itself makes up the main part of the dish and it’s usually not too acidic thanks to being made up of mostly water and the flavoring from the chicken and other ingredients.

Most of the ingredients used are generally quite safe for most people with acid reflux.

Now let’s look at each of the ingredients of chicken noodle soup and if they are good or bad for acid reflux and why –

Chicken stock – A chicken stock that is made simply from the chicken is usually safe for people with acid reflux and shouldn’t irritate or worsen acid reflux symptoms.

Chicken breast – Chicken breast is a safe choice for people with acid reflux, its not fatty and has a pH of around 5-6 pH which isn’t too acidic.

If you do instead opt for another part of the chicken like chicken legs or thighs they will be more fatty and tend to be more acidic than the chicken breast. So, while they are relatively safe for most people, some with more sensitive acid reflux might be affected.


Sometimes chicken noodle soup has added vegetables that can be added when serving the dish or even helped to make the stock. Here are notes on a couple of them –

Mushrooms – mushrooms are absolutely fine for people with acid reflux.

Spring onions – spring onions tend to irritate acid reflux symptoms at least for some people. If you have ordered noodle soup it would be best to avoid eating them and if you are making your own it would be better to leave them out if you have acid reflux.

Noodles (rice/wheat) – Chicken noodle soup is usually served with either rice or wheat noodles. Both are suitable if you have acid reflux.

Keep in mind that rice noodles tend to be more plain and basic and usually are less likely to have additives unlike wheat noodles. For people with more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR should keep this is mind when choosing noodles.

Spices + Extras

GingerGinger is always a good choice for acid reflux. It has been shown to help people with acid reflux symptoms and generally is a great ingredient to settle the stomach and the digestive tract.

Garlic – While garlic is sometimes a trigger for people with acid reflux, because the garlic is often mixed in with the broth it basically dilutes the potency of the garlic and therefore makes it much less likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms. If you make your own soup and want to be on the safe side you can omit the garlic. For more on garlic be sure to check our article – Is Garlic Acidic or Alkaline?

Chili – Chili is one of them ingredients that you want to avoid even if you have more minimal acid reflux.

That’s because chili usually makes acid reflux worse due to its higher acidity and triggering components. Because chili is sometimes added at the end of the dish you can ask for no chili at a restaurant and if making it yourself avoid using it.

Soy sauce – Soy sauce for certain people like who have silent reflux might find soy sauce to be a trigger for them. Though when mixed in with the broth again it becomes highly diluted, and this makes it okay to take because of how it it’s acidity it lowered thanks to being neutralized by the stock.

Overall as you can see most of the ingredients used in chicken noodle soup are safe for acid reflux with the couple exceptions that you should keep in mind when eating it yourself.

For more complete and detailed diet guidance on acid reflux check our diet plan – Wipeout Diet Plan.

Interesting Related Questions

Does Chicken Noodle Soup Have Acid?

Chicken noodle soup is acidic though its not too acidic and generally for most people should be a good choice.

Only people with more severe acid reflux should be more aware when eating this soup and even for them it should still be a good choice more likely than not.

Is Noodles OK for Acid Reflux?

Noodles are generally okay if you have acid reflux. Most kinds of noodles should be fine including wheat noodles, rice noodles and even egg noodles.

The best choice would be noodles with as little preservatives and additives as possible. Rice noodles tend to have less of them nasty ingredients and therefore are the choice least likely to irritate acid reflux.

Is Drinking Chicken Noodle Broth Good for Acid Reflux?

Chicken noodle broth should help most people with acid reflux. Though there are some people who might find certain ingredients irritating as I covered above.

Though that is typically uncommon and for most people chicken noodle soup is a good choice.

What Soup is Best for Acid Reflux?

Soups that are more simple and are made with a base of water tend to be the best choice for acid reflux.

Having been made with the water base makes the soup less acidic and helps neutralize any extra acidity from the other ingredients. This makes vegetable and chicken soups some of the best soup choices for acid reflux.

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