Is Garlic Acidic or Alkaline? (Bad for acid reflux?)


Garlic is an undoubtedly popular ingredient that’s added in a plethora of different dishes. But is garlic acid or alkaline?

Garlic is acidic and has a pH typically around 5-6 pH. While this does make it acidic on the pH scale it’s not too acidic when compared with other foods.

If you are following a low acid diet like my Wipeout Diet Plan or have acid reflux, garlic is not as simple as other ingredients as it has other properties that can make acid reflux worse.

Below we will get into more detail on garlics acidity and what you should know before eating it.

Is Garlic Acidic?

As we briefly mentioned above garlic is acidic but it’s not very acidic.

In terms of acidity, garlic is comparable to kale, parsnip, or butternut squash to name a few. Which to me are considered safe foods for most people but on the pH scale they are acidic just like garlic.

My point here is that garlic really isn’t a highly acidic spice. The acidity alone should not be a concern for someone with acid reflux or someone who wants to follow a more alkaline diet.

Keep in mind though that garlic has other properties that can and does effect people with acid reflux or more sensitive stomachs which I will talk about below.

Is Garlic Good for Acid Reflux?

Garlic is not good for acid reflux and can often trigger and worsen symptoms for people with heartburn, indigestion etc.

Raw garlic is much more likely to cause acid reflux problems than cooked garlic. So, if you really want to have some garlic opt for garlic that is cooked and a smaller portion.

If you have minor acid reflux taking some cooked garlic might be okay for you. Though people with more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR should be more cautious.

If you are still healing or recovering from acid reflux it’s a good idea to avoid garlic at least initially to allow for the best healing effect. If your acid reflux is under control you can try a little garlic that’s been cooked and see how you fair.

Some people can enjoy garlic without any acid reflux problems. The thing here is if you want to try it to keep it in moderation and cook it.

Another piece of advice when first having garlic is to mix it through a sauce you are making. This will dilute the garlic and make it easier on the stomach. This is a better way to see how it might affect you a little more safely.

What Cooking Does to Garlic?

As we have mentioned above cooked garlic is much easier on the stomach and the digestive system but what does cooking do to the garlic to make it easier on digestion and acid reflux?

Well, there are enzymes and a compound in garlic called allicin. When the garlic is cooked these enzymes are inactivated by the heat and destroyed. When they are inactivated it makes it easier on the stomach and digestion and greatly lessens the chance of any acid reflux effects.

Therefore, cooking garlic is recommended for people who have acid reflux and have more sensitive digestion systems. If you aren’t sure how long to cook it for we recommend at least 5 minutes with a more ideal time of 10 minutes. Also, on the first try, go for half a clove of garlic, and then increase it later if you have no adverse reactions.

Interested Related Questions

Can Garlic Reduce Acidity?

Garlic cannot reduce acidity in the stomach, and it often makes it worse. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep garlic in moderation and only consume it once it’s cooked.

Is Ginger and Garlic Alkaline?

Both ginger and garlic are not alkaline but acidic. Ginger tends to be a little more alkaline and also much better for the stomach than garlic. Ginger has been shown to improve digestion whereas garlic is more likely to cause acid reflux symptoms.

Can Garlic Worsen Stomach Ulcers?

Garlic has been shown in studies in animals to speed up healing and recovery from stomach ulcers. This is likely because of garlics antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help improve the healing process.

Can Garlic Hurt Your Stomach?

For some people garlic can cause stomach issues like heartburn or indigestion to name a couple. Though this isn’t always the case and plenty of people can enjoy garlic without any adverse effect. You should just be more aware when eating garlic if you are more prone to stomach or acid reflux issues.

For a complete food list and diet plan for acid reflux check our diet plan – Wipeout Diet Plan.

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