Is Salmon Good for Acid Reflux? (Is It Acidic or Alkaline?)


 If you have acid reflux you might be wondering if salmon is a good choice.

Salmon is good for acid reflux and can even help reduce acid reflux symptoms. Salmon will almost always be a good choice even if you have more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR.

Below we will break this down into more detail.

Is Salmon Good or Bad for Acid Reflux?

Salmon is usually a great choice if you have acid reflux. A choice that may even help acid reflux symptoms for certain people.

If you didn’t already know salmon is a fatty fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and protein. Namely the omega-3’s and the vitamin D both have been shown to offer benefits to aid and help acid reflux symptoms.

For example, the omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties can help calm and aid any inflammation in the digestive tract, especially the esophagus – that is a common area that may be inflamed due to acid reflux. This fact has been proven in studies – that the anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce inflammation in the whole digestive tract which often helps aid and calm acid reflux problems.

In terms of acidity, salmon is acidic with a pH of around 6.3. While this does make salmon acidic on the pH scale it is not something to be concerned about if you have acid reflux. That’s because it is only slightly acidic with a comparable acidity level of some vegetables like broccoli, celery, and asparagus to name a few. The point here is that eating it can help lower any excess acidity in the stomach because it’s much more alkaline than the acidity of the stomach.

As salmon is also a good source of vitamin D this can also be beneficial for acid reflux. The reason for this is because vitamin D has been shown to help reduce symptoms of acid reflux. Vitamin D plays an important role in the function of our muscles. Therefore, when you are low in vitamin D it may lead to problems with your muscles not functioning properly.

Along the digestive tract you have a host of different muscles that play an important role for your digestion. Therefore if some of these muscles are not working properly it may cause or worsen your acid reflux symptoms. To mention a couple of the important muscles that might not work correctly – firstly you have the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES is the valve just above the stomach.

When the LES doesn’t close properly or opens when it shouldn’t this often leads to acid reflux problems. Another set of muscles is the pyloric sphincter. The pyloric sphincter is at the bottom of the stomach. If the pyloric valve is too tight or too loose this can also lead to problems.

For example, if it’s too tight this can slow down digestive and sometimes can lead to a pressure imbalance in the stomach often leading to acid reflux. Our point here is that if one of more of these valves or muscles is not working correctly this often may lead to acid reflux. Therefore, when you eat foods like salmon that are a good source of vitamin D this can aid these muscles and in turn help your digestion.

Can Salmon Cause Acid Reflux?

It would be very unusual for salmon to cause acid reflux on its own. The cases where it may cause acid reflux is usually not because of the salmon itself but instead how it was seasoned or prepared. For example, cooking salmon in a lot of oil could be problematic for triggering acid reflux due to the higher fat content. Also using certain spices like chili or garlic are more likely to trigger acid reflux.

When cooking salmon, the best ways to cook would be grilling, baking, boiling or sauteing in a little oil. Using these cooking techniques will greatly lower the chances of acid reflux.


Salmon is easily one of the best fish choices for acid reflux. It is almost always a safe choice that might even aid or calm some acid reflux symptoms along the way. Also, while being highly nutritional and tasty too.

For more information on diet for acid reflux check our Wipeout Diet Plan. Also, for tailored advice and guidance book a Private Acid Reflux Consultation Here.

Important Related Questions

What Kind of Fish is Good for Acid Reflux?

Salmon is one of the best choices of fish for acid reflux. Other fish that are good for acid reflux include prawns, lobster, tuna, and halibut. For more information check our article – What Fish is Good for Acid Reflux?

Is Salmon High in Acid?

While salmon is slightly acidic on the pH scale it’s not high in acid and is almost always a great choice for digestion and people with acid reflux.

2 thoughts on “Is Salmon Good for Acid Reflux? (Is It Acidic or Alkaline?)”

  1. Marilyn Charlton

    I’ve just heard of RefluxRaft, sounds good, it’s seaweed algae, deglicerized liquorice and ginger! May be a good choice for US as Gaviscon is so expensive to ship from UK, however, sod’s law, it’s awesomely expensive to have it, RefluxRaft delivered to UK!
    Gaviscon extra is amazing, I keep it for emergencies but have discovered from having to go to A&E with chest pain (which was acid reflux) a few times, they give you some Gaviscon to take home and use before bed. (I think they have a container, as they decant it in to what is like an icing bag to take home and it’s much more that you would take……….about 30mls but it stops it). I’m not sure if your course would help me. I have had AR for 10 years now, only took ppi’s due to pandemic as there was no access to medical help, took them for 10 months. I have been gluten free, for years on and off, and everything else free, never eat after six, every thing you have ever heard of and maybe more! Now I have been diagnosed as Celiac (I had to eat gluten for 4 2weeks before the test). The only symptom I had was Acid reflux.
    So I have definitely had been Gluten free since November the 5th and I’m still getting Acid reflux?
    I saw the gastroenterologist last week, my follow up apt, and he said that I should take a ppi, even though my dexa scan has shown that I have had significant bone loss to my left hip in the year I was taking the Omeprazole.
    Should I invest in your wipeout reflux programm, would it help? If it is based on raw food or fodmap maybe, as I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet!

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      I haven’t tried that product but it does sound promising from what you have mentioned. Definitely worth giving a go. Of course as you mentioned Gaviscon is the best option but it’s not easily available for everyone or costly as you pointed out.

      From what you mentioned I would definitely recommend you the Wipeout Diet, I am quite confident you would see an improvement if you stick to it for a least a few weeks time. Usually a few tweaks and adjustments to diet and other important lifestyle changes can make a massive difference. I don’t know all your symptoms but also making an adjustment to the PPI’s would be helpful. I can advise you more with a private consultation here.

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