Is Mango Acidic? (Good or Bad for Acid Reflux?)


If you are wanting to eat mango and are concerned they are too acidic then we have the answer below for you.

Mangoes are acidic on the pH scale. A ripe mango is much less acidic than an unripe mango. But they are both considered acidic on the pH scale. You can expect a ripe mango to be around a 5-6 pH on the pH scale whereas for a unripe mango you can expect a lower pH of around 3-5 pH. The lower the number the more acidic it is.

Below we will get into mangoes acidity in more detail and if you really should eat mango if you have acid reflux.

Are Mangoes Acidic?

On the pH scale mangoes are acidic. Though as we mentioned ripe mangoes are much less acidic than their unripe counterparts. In terms of foods a ripe mango is not that acidic. And is relatively close to the neutral pH of 7.

In comparison to other fruits their acidity when ripe is similar to honeydew melon, dragon fruit and papaya to name a few. These sorts of fruits including mango are not considered too acidic and generally safe for most people to eat without concern.

Some fruits such as berries and citrus fruits can be quite acidic and for someone with acid reflux should be avoided but for mangoes this shouldn’t be the case as long as you eat them when they are ripe.

Is Mango Good for Acid Reflux?

When it comes to acid reflux mango should be a safe option for most people to eat ripe without concern of it worsening your acid reflux symptoms.

The important thing to keep in mind here is to eat the mango when it is ripe only. If you where to eat the mango before it is fully ripened not only would it be more sour to taste but its acidity is usually much higher compared to when it is ripe.

If you are not sure when a mango a ripe the best way to find out is by its firmness. If you gently press on the mango and it feels soft and it gives to your pressing then it’s ripe. If it feels harder and more firm then it’s not fully ripened.

Another way to know if a mango is ripe is by its taste. An unripe mango is more likely to taste sour whereas a ripened one will be mostly sweet. If you cut open a mango and taste it and it’s very sour it would be best to not eat it. That’s because if it’s more sour it will likely be more acidic and could worsen your acid reflux symptoms.

Also keep in mind people who are more sensitive like people with silent reflux may need to be more cautious when eating mangoes. If you notice your symptoms being worse after eating mango it would be best to avoid them, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

For complete advice on choosing fruits or other foods for acid reflux check out our extensive diet plan here – Wipeout Diet Plan.

Is Mango Juice Acidic?

Yes mango juice is acidic. It tends to be the case that juices are more acidic than their fresh counterparts. This is sometimes because of how they are processed or because extras have been added to the juice to preserve it for longer which often make it more acidic.

You should also be aware if you bought mango juice from the store it might be mixed with another juice like orange or apple juice. Mixing with these other juices make it more acidic and for someone with more sensitive acid reflux like GERD or LPR it’s recommended to avoid these kinds of juices because they are usually very acidic.

If you want to enjoy mango juice it would be best to make it yourself from fresh mangos. If you can’t do that then go make sure to go for a juice that is just mango with no additives or other juices included. You can also measure its acidity if you want to be completely sure. If you have more severe acid reflux or silent reflux in particular make sure the pH of the juice is a minimum of 5.

Is Dried Mangoes Acidic?

Dried mangoes are acidic and are almost always more acidic than fresh mangoes. Their typical acidity can range from 3-5 pH which is quite acidic.

For someone without acid reflux they should be a good snack choice but for people with sensitive stomachs or more severe acid reflux they should almost always be avoided and could likely cause or worsen acid reflux symptoms.

If you have less troublesome acid reflux and want to have some dried mangos opt for the brand that has no additives and just have a little on the first try to see if it has any negative affect on you.

Interesting Related Questions

What Fruit is Least Acidic?

Some of the least acidic fruits out there are avocados, watermelon, and black olives to name a few.

Is Mango Good to Eat with GERD?

Mango should be a safe option to eat if you have more severe acid reflux or GERD. It’s important you only eat the mangoes that are fully ripened as they are the least acidic in this form.

What Fruits are Most Acidic?

The most acidic fruits tend to be all the citrus fruits. Also keep in mind most berries are also quite acidic but not usually as acidic as citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

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