Is Peppermint Tea Good for Acid Reflux or Heartburn?

peppermint tea

If you have acid reflux or heartburn you might be wondering if peppermint tea is a good or bad choice and if it can trigger acid reflux problems.

Peppermint tea is not good for acid reflux typically. Different kinds of mint, especially peppermint, are known to be a trigger for acid reflux for some people. While not everyone will be affected it’s best to avoid peppermint tea if you have acid reflux problems.

Below we will get into this in more detail, so you understand more about peppermint tea and its effect on acid reflux.

Is Peppermint Tea Good or Bad for Acid Reflux?

Generally, peppermint tea should be avoided for people with acid reflux. That is particularly true if you have more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR.

One of the reasons why peppermint tea should be avoided it because of it’s effect on the valve above the stomach known as the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). When you take peppermint tea it can cause this valve to open and relax when it shouldn’t.

That is when problems can arise, and acid reflux will start to occur. That’s because the LES is meant to stay shut and closed aside from when food or liquid is passing down into the stomach. It’s meant to keep the food and the acid inside the stomach. But when your LES is open the chances of acid reflux are greatly increased.

Because of the taste sensation of peppermint, it can also be irritating for the throat and the esophagus in some people. This is more so the case in people who have had a recent acid reflux occurrence. The peppermint passing over this irritation can cause more irritation and may retrigger the acid reflux symptoms.

In terms of acidity, you can expect peppermint tea to be around a 6-7 pH. This range is considered very slightly acidic. The acidity itself will not be problematic for most people.

For people with more minimal or minor acid reflux peppermint tea might be tolerated okay though generally it’s not the best choice if you are prone to acid reflux. If you want to try it and only have slight acid reflux then it would be best to do so in moderation and only occasionally.

If you have more severe acid reflux then it would be best to avoid peppermint tea completely and instead opt for a tea that is a better choice for acid reflux. Below we will cover a few good alternatives to peppermint tea if you have acid reflux.

Alternatives to Peppermint Tea for Acid Reflux

Chamomile Tea

Arguably one of the best teas for acid reflux is chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is a gentle kind of tea that is soothing on the stomach and the whole digestive tract. Therefore, not only is it a safe choice but it also can often help acid reflux symptoms too.

Some of the reasons how chamomile tea can help is due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. In particular the anti-inflammatory properties can help ease and calm inflammation in the esophagus and the stomach too.

I recommend: Taylors Organic Chamomile

Also, chamomile has been shown to help with things like anxiety which are often linked to acid reflux. When you drink chamomile tea it can also help calm things like stress and anxiety and in turn helps your acid reflux.

Marshmallow Root Tea

Another great tea choice for acid reflux is marshmallow root tea. Not only does it taste good, but it also is anti-inflammatory.

It’s made up of mucilage which basically means it has an almost goory like texture if you brew the tea a little longer. This mucilage will help to protect the LES and the esophagus from stomach acid and will ease the throat too (LPR).

I recommend: Celebration Herbals Marshmallow Tea

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is another good tea choice for acid reflux. It is a particularly good choice if you have an upset stomach or excess flatulence.

I recommend: Alvita Organic Fennel Tea

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Important Related Questions

Is Mint Tea High in Acid?

Mint tea is not high in acid. It is usually slightly acidic on the pH scale but its acidity in not a cause for concern if you have acid reflux.

Can Peppermint Tea Make Reflux Worse?

Yes peppermint tea can and often does make acid reflux worse. Therefore, it’s often best to choose another tea instead of peppermint tea if you have acid reflux.

Does Mint Trigger GERD?

Yes mint can and often does trigger GERD. Typically, most herbs are good choices for acid reflux though the exceptions to this are mint and lemongrass, both of which are acid reflux triggers for certain people.

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