Is Yogurt Good for Acid Reflux? Best Brands, Probiotic & Greek Yogurt Covered


If you have acid reflux including things like heartburn you might be wondering is yogurt good for it.

Yogurt can be good for acid reflux or people with more minimal acid reflux symptoms. Some people with more severe acid reflux like GERD or LPR might find it triggers some of their symptoms though.

Below we will go into this in more detail to help explain all the important information.

Is Yogurt Good for Acid Reflux?

For the average person with more minimal acid reflux yogurt might help calm acid reflux symptoms or at least have no negative effect.

For someone with more severe acid reflux like GERD or silent reflux though these people might notice yogurt makes their symptoms worse.

The overall point here is that each person is unique and what might help someone could make another worse. There is no one answer fits all if yogurt is good for acid reflux.

The typical pH of plain yogurt is around a 4-5 pH. While this is not very acidic, it’s acidic enough to irritate someone who’s acid reflux is more severe or sensitive.

For example, for someone with more severe silent reflux where the throat has problems like coughing, throat clearing, and lump and throat feeling to name a few. For this kind of person taking foods or drinks with a higher acidity than 5 means a thing called pepsin is activated in the throat and this causes or worsens their symptoms.

The typical yogurt is primarily made from milk which is more alkaline than yogurt itself. People assume that yogurt is as alkaline as milk, but yogurt is more acidic. For example, milk has a pH of around 6.5 pH to 7 pH. Whereas typical plain yogurt has a pH of 4.4 which is noticeably more acidic.

Keep in mind yogurts with more flavorings will almost always be more acidic and likely to worsen acid reflux symptoms than plain yogurt.

Yogurts made from dairy alternatives are also a similar acidity of around a 4-5 pH. For example, Almond Dream Yogurt made with almond milk is a 4.7 pH, WholeSoy & Co. soy yogurt is a 4.4 pH and So Delicious coconut yogurt is a 4.7 pH.

These are some of the best alternative yogurts for acid reflux because they are less acidic and have less unnecessary ingredients added. For more information on dairy alternatives check out my Wipeout Diet Plan.

Keep in mind that yogurts acidity is not so high, but the inclusion of dairy can be a problem that can make acid reflux worse for certain people.

Some people are intolerant to milk or lactose and taking too much of a milk product simply will lead to digestion problems. This is partly why yogurt that is fine for one person with acid reflux might not be good for another.

Overall if you have acid reflux and want to eat yogurt start with a small amount and see if it has any affect on you. Also choose yogurt brands that are completely plain with no added ingredients as they tend to be less acidic and with less ingredients. If you have any intolerance to milk or dairy go for milk alternative brands such as we mentioned above as they will be less likely to bother you.

If you notice no issues after eating a little of the yogurt you can have more the next time but if you notice any negative effect it would be best to avoid or find an alternative.

Is Greek Yogurt Good for Acid Reflux?

Like regular yogurt, Greek yogurt will be okay for certain people with acid reflux.

Greek yogurt has an almost identical acidity to regular yogurt at a pH of around 4.3 pH.

While this is not very acidic it is not close to being alkaline either and more of a middle ground food. Therefore, the same advice we mentioned above for regular yogurt will apply to Greek yogurt too.

Best Yogurt Brands for Acid Reflux

Keep in mind the best brands for yogurt for acid reflux are the brands that keep it simple and have little or no added ingredients. Also, you should only be opting for plain yogurt if you want the least acidic yogurts. Here a few brands we recommend –

FAGE Greek Yogurt

Chobani Yogurt

Dannon – Plain Yogurt

Dairy Alternatives

Almond Dream – Almond Yogurt

WholeSoy & Co. – Soy Yogurt

So Delicious – Coconut Yogurt

Best Probiotic Yogurt for Acid Reflux

Probiotics yogurts can help calm and settle your gut health and for some people can make a noticeable difference in improving acid reflux and overall digestion. Our top recommendation:

Chobani – Greek Yogurt (probiotic)

For more acid reflux diet advice remember to check out my Wipeout Diet Plan.

Interesting Related Questions

What Foods Help Acid Reflux Go Away Fast?

Foods that are more alkaline or cooling usually help a lot with helping acid reflux. For example, foods like watermelon and cucumber are great choices for soothing and calming acid reflux. For more on this check our article – Foods to Calm Acid Reflux.

Can Yogurt Cause Heartburn?

For some people yogurt might cause heartburn. Yogurts that are plain are less likely to cause problems than flavored yogurts like fruits yogurts in comparison.

What is the Fastest Way to Neutralize Stomach Acid?

One of the best ways to calm stomach acid is by mixing baking soda with some water and then drinking it. This combination is very alkaline and will help neutralize any extra acidity you might have in your stomach. For more information on how to make this mixture check our article – Baking Soda for Heartburn.

Does Yogurt Have Acid?

Yogurt is acidic but its not very acidic. It’s more of a middle ground in terms of its acidity when compared with other foods.

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