Is Almond Milk Good for Acid Reflux? (Heartburn & GERD Covered)

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If you have acid reflux or heartburn you might be wondering if almond milk is good and if you should be taking it if you have acid reflux.

Almond milk is good for acid reflux. For most people, almond milk is a good choice if you have acid reflux. The main reasons it’s good is because it’s usually mostly or completely natural and it’s alkaline. Meaning if you are feeling acidic or have heartburn it should help ease and calm your symptoms.

Below we will get into this in more detail.

What is Almond Milk?

Before we get into if almond milk is good for acid reflux we should first talk about what almond milk is and how it’s made.

When almond milk is made almonds are typically softened in water. Then after some time the almonds will be blended up. This mixture is then strained, and you get the liquid from it which is the almond milk you will typically buy in the store.  

Keep in mind that because the pulp is not included in the almond milk the fiber contents is very low so people who are sensitive to high fiber need not to worry about that.

Does Almond Milk Help Acid Reflux?

Almond milk should help acid reflux at least a little bit. That’s mainly because of it being alkaline. It usually has a pH of around 7-8 which makes it alkaline as was measured on my Wipeout Diet Plan.

If you are having acid reflux drinking almond milk could help calm and settle symptoms at least somewhat due to it being alkaline. The milk will help neutralize and balance your stomachs acidity which should also help settle any of acid reflux effects. Also, you get the benefit of it settling the whole digestive tract thanks to it passing over the throat and the whole way down into the stomach which should lower any extra acidity in the throat.

Keep in mind if you want the most alkaline almond milk opt for the most natural one you can find with as little preservatives as possible. Also unsweetened almond milks are the best bet to calm acid reflux due to being more alkaline and not having the added sugar which some people with GERD or LPR who are more sensitive might be affected by.

Almond Milk Compared with Other Milks

When comparing almond milk with other milks it’s arguably the best choice if you have acid reflux. The first reason for this is because of it being the most alkaline when compared with other milks.

It also is low in fiber which can not be said for some other milks out there like soy milk. This is important to mention as some people who are sensitive to fiber may be affected by soy milk whereas with almond milk that won’t be the case.

When comparing almond milk with regular milk you have the added benefit of it being free from lactose. Some people are lactose intolerant and sensitive to lactose, dairy and regular milk in general.

So, while normal milk is usually alkaline like almond milk you have them added downsides which could worsen your digestion and make your acid reflux worse. Of course, this is not for every person, but almond milk is a safer option that is much less likely to cause problems when it comes to acid reflux and GERD and silent reflux.

In general, almond milk is also quite nutritious, being a great source of vitamin E and also including calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Some people might be concerned of the fat contents for almond milk but for a 250ml glass you can expect about 3g of fat which is very low and shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

Overall, almond milk is one of if not the best alternative milks for acid reflux.

Is Almond Milk Alkaline or Acidic?

As I mentioned above almond milk is usually alkaline. I have tested almond milks pH and for unsweetened almond milk you can expect a pH of around 8, which is considered alkaline. In comparison soy milk is 8.0 pH and rice milk 6.4 pH. For more information on dairy alternatives and diet advice check my Wipeout Diet Plan.

If you opt for sweetened almond milk it’s usually a little more acidic when compared with unsweetened almond milk. Also, if you choose almond milk with things like chocolate or coffee they will usually be more acidic and are much more likely to flare your acid reflux symptoms.

Interesting Related Questions

Is Almond Milk High in Acid?

No almond milk is not high in acid. In fact, it’s usually alkaline. When compared with other milk alternatives such as soy milk, rice milk or oat milk it’s usually the most alkaline.

Is Almond Milk Hard to Digest?

Almond milk is easy to digest. This is because the pulp has been removed from the milk. The pulp is the main substance of almond that contains all the fiber. That is the part of the nuts that is harder and takes longer to digest. Because it’s not in the final mixture it makes almond milk very easy to digest.

Can You Drink Milk with Acid Reflux?

Yes you can drink milk with acid reflux but for some people milk can be a trigger for their acid reflux or heartburn and make it worse.

People who are sensitive to dairy or lactose may want to avoid regular milk or keep intake to a minimum. This is because it could upset or cause acid reflux problems. This is often why it’s best to opt for an alternative like almond milk.

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