LPR Foods to Eat – The Best Food Choices to Calm LPR

lpr foods to eat

Undoubtedly when people talk about silent reflux and acid reflux in general, they often talk about the LPR foods that you should be avoiding and there is no doubt this is an important area to talk about.

Though something that is not often covered is what foods you should be eating. Here today I am going to give you a few different foods that I recommend if you have silent reflux or LPR. These are the best foods for LPR that will settle and calm symptoms and allow the throat and the digestive tract to heal.

LPR Food List – Best LPR Foods to Eat

#1 Oats (porridge)

First off, I want to talk about oats. Oats are one of my go to’s when it comes to something that is not only filling but tasty. The reason I recommend oats is because they really help calm and settle the stomach.

Oats can help absorb acid in the stomach which should help settle the stomach. Not only that but the acidity level of oats is quite low no matter what you make the porridge with.

Ideally, I would recommend you make it with either almond milk or soy milk. The reason I recommend these is because they are both alkaline and make the porridge even more soothing for the stomach and the whole digestive tract.

In terms of adding something extra for additional flavouring I recommend honey (1 tea spoon) that has been well mixed into the porridge before eating or half a teaspoon of cinnamon that is added to the oatmeal before cooking. Also, you can add a sliced banana to the mixture for added flavor.

#2 Rice

Sometimes people ask me is rice good for acid reflux? Well yes of course, for me rice is easily one of the best foods to calm down the stomach. It is plain and not too acidic so is helps settle the stomach especially due to its more filling nature.

In terms of what rice to choose, I think most rice’s are absolutely fine when on a diet for LPR. For me personally I like to eat white jasmine rice, though others forms like basmati and brown rice are absolutely great too.

If you are looking for the least acidic rice – brown rice would be your best bet though the difference is very small when comparing to other rice varieties.

For more information on rice check our article – Is Rice Acidic or Alkaline? Is It Good for Acid Reflux?

#3 What Meat?

Sometimes meat can be overlooked when following a diet but for someone with LPR it is something to seriously consider. If you aren’t already aware red meats and meats high in fat generally are something you want to avoid if you have more severe acid reflux. Ideally you only want to eat lean meats.

My top recommendations for meat are chicken breast, turkey breast and most kinds of fish (not smoked). If you are looking for the most alkaline meats, then fish should be your top choice. My personal favourite choices when it comes it fish are salmon and prawns both of which are alkaline and highly nutritious so they should be the perfect choice for your digestion and your whole body.

If you want to eat red meat opt for burger meat that has a lower fat contents. This is your best option if you want red meat.

#4 Ginger

When people think of acid reflux, they think that spices don’t go along with that. Well spicy food typically doesn’t go well with acid reflux though ginger is one of the exceptions to this rule.

Ginger is tasty and offers a spicy taste but it is amazing for the stomach. One of the main reasons ginger is an amazing choice is gingers anti-inflammatory properties. When ginger passes over the throat and down the digestive tract this anti-inflammatory effect works wonders for soothing all ill effects of acid reflux.

One of the main causes for acid reflux is because the stomach does not empty quickly enough – ginger has been shown to speed up the process of by which the stomach empties and the general motility, this is an excellent benefit for helping the ill effects of acid reflux – here is the study that covers this. For more on ginger check our article – Is Ginger Good for Acid Reflux?

#5 Cucumber / Celery

My final recommendations are both celery and cucumber. Celery and cucumber are alkaline which basically act as a natural way to help balance out the acidity of the stomach to a lower level.

If you ever have a flair up from acid reflux, then both celery and cucumber are both top of my list for something that can sooth your throat all the way down to the stomach. It really has an amazing soothing feeling and is one of my go to’s for immediate relief. For more information on cucumber check my article – Is Cucumber Bad for Acid Reflux?

When it comes to celery people ask me is celery good for acid reflux? Celery contains apigenin and quercetin which are compounds that have great anti-inflammatory effects, and this helps explain why they are effective in relief. Another suggestion when it comes to celery is to make celery juice which is an excellent drink nutritionally due to high levels of vitamins and anti-oxidants but also an immense tonic for improving digestion and calming acid reflux.

For more diet advice and foods to eat consider my Wipeout Diet Plan and for even more tailored advice reflux advice consider a private consultation session.

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37 thoughts on “LPR Foods to Eat – The Best Food Choices to Calm LPR”

  1. I have been told to eat low acid as well as low fat.
    yet you recommend salmon etc.
    It seems to me your diet is mostly geared for reflux not so much the LPR.

  2. Hi.
    As I was researching what foods are ok for LPR and I have found some articles stating that oatmeal and rice(grains in general, in fact) should be avoided and some articles saying that it is actually recommended to eat . I am very confused. The information out there is very contradictory.

    1. Hi Andreea,
      Both rice and oatmeal should be absolutely fine for LPR. The only problem with grains for some people is being quite high in fiber, so for some people not overloading on fiber is important to keep their symptoms away.

  3. Are these English cucumbers? I think I read English has 7 pH and American has 6 pH. I was wondering which type you are eating.

    1. Either option is fine because they are both well above the threshold pH of 5 that reactivates the pepsin in the throat. There is a general pH range like that for most foods.

        1. No most peanut butter is around a 6.0 pH, at least peanut butter that doesn’t have added extras. That makes it slightly acidic on the pH scale and is not something to be concerned about.

      1. Definitely look into stopping the common acid reflux trigger foods. That is most important. On top of that following a low acid diet would likely help as well. This would be my first recommendation.

        1. I love having celery on the diet as it is a good replacement for tortilla chips anyway.

          I have found hemp milk to be very soothing and calms the cough.

          Also, I have found stinging nettles (dropper full in 2 oz of water) has subsided my cough.
          It does lower the blood pressure so beware if that is a concern.

          1. Yeah celery is refreshing and offers a cooling effect too which I enjoy.

            I haven’t heard about the nettles but it’s great they can help your cough.

  4. Almond milk doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe I have a sensitivity to almonds. I do ok with oatmeal… would oat milk be a good substitute? I found one whose ingredients are:

    Filtered water, organic gluten free oat flour, Himalayan salt


    1. Oat milk is a good substitute yes. The ingredients on the one you mentioned are all good, so go ahead with it.

  5. My LPR is due to hiatal hernia. Will coconut water helping relieving and getting rid of my LPR? Any suggestions.

    1. I don’t think it will make it worse or better. I think its fine to drink though as long as it includes no preservatives. Just keep in mind how you feel afterwards because for certain people it can be a trigger.

  6. For LPR, how about baked beans without the ketchup, onions, garlic, or mustard. We like to use white beans and use molasses.

  7. I have LPR and all these soya and almond milks make my throat worse and trigger clearing of throat as if something is hiding within my voicebox. I am not sure which ingredient is doing that-maybe some chemical in it.
    Ps. I hate this condition. I wish they knew what was causing it. My stomach is fine, my organs are fine. I am beginning to think that it is a physiological change in my throat but these are so tiny that can not be detected by any cameras.

    1. Yeah it could be some additives to the milks. Try ones with nothing added to them and see if they have the same negative effects.
      Yeah it’s pepsin causing the problem, most of the medical field hasn’t developed for pepsin or LPR in general. They are checking for problems with acid when it’s actually the pepsin causing the problems not the acid itself.

  8. I am taking Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula everyday. (Lily of the Dessert)
    My naturopath also suggested PH – PRO which is a natural anti acid.
    Your thoughts?

    1. Personally I wouldn’t take the aloe because of bad added ingredients. Also aloe can make problems worse for select people even though it may help certain others. The PH Pro seems interesting, I’d say it’s relatively safe to try and give a goo

  9. Along with your diet changes, would you suggest taking something like the below to help with the Pepsin?
    PepZin GI, Zinc-L-Carnosine Complex.
    Or is the only way to target the pepsin to remove the food triggers?
    Thank you.

    1. You can try that supplement though there is no guarentee it will help with the pespin. Though it could help with the gut health which in theory may help stop the acid reflux. Usually the best way is to remove the trigger foods when you want to get the best healing at the start.

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