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natural remedies for lpr

When it comes to natural remedies for LPR there are a selection of options. Some of these will actually stop and help prevent acid reflux from happening in the first place and others will be better for immediate relief that offer a relief and a soothing feeling.

Below I am going to cover the options you have available and the benefits to each of them.


You may have likely heard before that diet is probably the best way to help LPR Symptoms. This can be effective from 2 different angles. The 2 angles are of course primarily avoiding foods that cause LPR and the worst trigger foods for LPR and acid reflux in general. For all the foods I recommend you avoid check out this article – Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Foods to Avoid

Also, if you want a complete diet plan tailored for people with LPR I suggest you check out my diet plan – Wipeout Diet.

The other angle is foods that are soothing to acid reflux, these foods are usually low acid or even alkaline and generally cooling. To give you a few ideas of these foods I would recommend melon or the likes of cucumber.

Both of which are alkaline and are brilliant if you are having a flare up, they have both the cooling effect and the ability to neutralise acid, both of which should help ease and calm symptoms. For more foods that are good choices check out my article – LPR Foods to Eat.


One of the best options to give quick and effective relief is tea. But be careful not any tea will do. There are a couple of teas that I recommend.

The first tea I recommend is chamomile tea, the reason it is great is because it has anti-inflammatory properties which can be soothing for your throat and whole digestive tract.

The other tea I recommend is marshmallow root tea, this tea is brilliant at lining the throat and the whole way down and into the esophagus and stomach, overall in terms of soothing properties this tea is probably your best choice. Here Is the varieties of the teas I recommend on amazon – chamomile tea & marshmallow root tea.

One thing I recommend when drinking tea is to let it cool down a little before drinking it. Hot water can actually cause the throat more irritation so ideally it’s best to let the tea cool down a little before drinking it.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is basically water that has a high pH making it alkaline. There are a couple of main benefits to taking this kind of water for someone with LPR. The main cause of throat problems for someone with LPR is because of a digestive enzyme called pepsin coming up from the stomach and into the throat.

The important thing to note with alkaline water is that is deactivates the pepsin. So, if you have any pepsin in your throat causing symptoms drinking this water should deactivate any pepsin that may be in your throat.

Also when you drink this water because it’s alkaline this lowers the acidity of the stomach which also can help stop acid reflux and can be generally soothing to the whole digestive tract. For more information on the different kinds of alkaline water and how you can even make your own check this article – Alkaline Water for LPR.

Slippery Elm

Similar to the teas I mentioned above slippery elm can be mixed into water and drank as a tea. It has similar properties like the teas I mentioned earlier. It can be very soothing to a sore throat and generally the larynx – you can read more about it here – slippery elm for throat irritation study.

Slippery elm can also come in the form of lozenges but keep in mind some lozenges have ingredients which can irritate LPR, my recommendation are these lozenges.

DGL Licorice

DGL licorice could potentially be helpful for both reflux and the throat and the digestive tract. It may increase the production of mucus which in turn can help ease and soothe the throat and esophagus etc.

Chewable tablets are the best here because it coats everything on the way down into the stomach. Ideally when you are choosing these tablets you want ones with the least added ingredients as possible.

Baking Soda

Something that is often talked about is baking soda. How you want to use baking soda is by mixing a small amount of it with water and mixing well. What this does is it creates an alkaline mixture which helps lower acidity of the digestive tract and the stomach and should help lessen symptoms.

While not the best long-term solution it can be an effective solution if you need a quick and fast ailment. For more information on how to make the solution and how the whole process works, check out this article – Baking Soda for Heartburn – Is it Effective? 

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