How I Cured My Silent Reflux

how I cured my silent reflux

I often get the questions like how did I cure my silent reflux, or can silent reflux be cured? The answer to that question is I and many others have been cured or at least seen great improvement following certain advice which I will cover below.

When it comes to silent reflux (LPR) there are a host of reasons how you can get it in the first place. This means for some people one treatment strategy will work wonders whereas for others the same technique will not work at all.

I have personally tried and tested a host of different things to help myself including diet plans, countless medications, a selection of different supplements, sleeping on a wedge pillow to name a few.

Only a few things made a difference for actually making me feel better and these same techniques work for most people for curing or at least greatly improving their silent reflux. Most of these techniques have been backed by medical studies which is great confirmation that they work.

Below I will cover the important elements that made the biggest difference for me and other things I also did that helped me.


In my personal experience and many others when it comes to curing LPR naturally an alkaline diet for silent reflux is the best option. While it may not be what everyone wants to hear, diet changes are the most important element to helping stop LPR and allowing for it to heal properly. There are studies which back up this statement and explain how it can help. Though let me explain it briefly so you can understand the logic behind it as well.

When someone with LPR refluxes a digestive enzyme called pepsin from the stomach refluxes up into the throat, mouth, sinuses etc. This enzyme is used to digest proteins in the stomach, so when it enters the throat etc it causes irritation and inflammation.

Why this is relevant to diet is because of how the diet can affect it. As most people know if you are eating more acidic foods and drinks this can trigger acid reflux in the stomach due to the higher acidity which is true for all kinds of acid reflux including LPR & GERD.

So eating lower acidity foods and drinks obviously directly helps with that. But for LPR you also have another important thing to consider – the pepsin. The reason the pepsin effect is important is because when it enters the throat it can lays dormant in the cells in your throat etc. even after the acid reflux has stopped. And because pepsin is activated more with a higher acidity level this means if you eat something more acidic and it passes over the throat and reactivates the dormant pepsin this means you get irritation and your symptoms will be worsened – this is what causes LPR symptoms.

The important thing to know about pepsin is that it isn’t activated as much when the acidity level (pH level) is lower generally speaking. You can see on the graph below how much it is activated depending on the food/drink acidity level (pH) it comes in contact with.

pepsin - pH levels

This means if you avoid food and drinks below a pH of 5 the pepsin reactivates much less, and this means your throat etc. will be much less affected and be allowed to heal over time.

This is the general rule when following a low acid diet for LPR though of course there are lots of elements to consider alongside that. Though that is the most important starting point. When you are starting it’s best to avoid the obvious trigger foods which I cover in this article – LPR – Foods to Avoid.

Following that you can get more information on starting a diet here – LPR Diet.

Also I personally created my own detailed diet plan for people with silent reflux, you can check it out here – Wipeout Diet Plan. There are many LPR success stories for people who have followed my diet which you can read here.


When it comes to medication it is common for doctors to prescribe people with tablets like PPIs to counter and prevent silent reflux. While this may help certain people short term for most people the effect is not lasting. This has been backed up in studies showing that PPIs are no better than placebo for treating LPR. You can read more about the silent reflux treatment here and why these kinds of tablets don’t work.

The best medication for helping to stop and treat LPR is Gaviscon Advance the UK version. Unlike the PPIs this medication has been shown in studies to greatly lower silent reflux symptoms. The important thing worth noting here is the ingredient which is the most important factor which is called sodium alginate.

This alginate creates a barrier like affect on top of the stomach contents which greatly helps prevent acid and pepsin from refluxing up and into your throat.

Sometimes getting access to the UK version of the Gaviscon Advance can be difficult especially if you are not located in the UK. My advice regarding this is to look for other Gaviscon options in your own country which have the important ingredient sodium alginate. For 2 teaspoons worth you should be looking for at least 250mg of sodium alginate though more would be preferable. As a reference the UK version of Gaviscon Advance has 1000mg of alginate per 2 teaspoons.

Keep in mind that each country can have a different make up of ingredients so I cannot simply recommend one option that works for everyone. You must look at the label and check it for yourself. Keep in mind it does not have to be Gaviscon, any other brand which has the same effect could also have that ingredient included. For more information on Gaviscon check out my article here.

Meal Portions

Sometimes a thing that is often overlooked when trying to help treat and cure silent reflux is portion sizing. When I say this, I mean not eating too big of a portion in one sitting.

The logic behind this is when the stomach is overloaded with too much food this puts the stomach under more pressure.

Because of this increased pressure it increases the likelihood of the value above the stomach called the lower esophagael sphincter (LES) to open and release which in turn leads to acid reflux. You can read more about the stomach sphincters role in LPR here.

Sometimes for certain people simply making their portions smaller can make a big difference. To give you an idea of the right portion size simply put your hand into a fist. The size of your fist should be about the right size. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to eat less in a day but instead of fewer big meals try more frequent smaller meals and snacks instead.

Easing Symptoms

When you are working towards healing and curing yourself you will likely want and need some aid to allow you to ease your symptoms and heal faster. I personally have tried a host of things like medications, throat spray, lozenges though mostly they tended to make things worse than better.

Though there was one exception and that was a simple one – tea! Not any kind of tea though. The tea options I recommend are chamomile and marshmallow root.

Both are incredibly soothing and anti-inflammatory which will help ease your throat and your whole digestive tract. So, while they will ease your symptoms, they should also lessen your acid reflux symptoms and effects too!

Here are the ones I personally like – chamomile tea & marshmallow root tea. Also for more information on chamomile tea check my article – Is Chamomile Tea Good for Acid Reflux?

Also for advice on what to drink check out this article – What Can You Drink When You Have Acid Reflux? Also for more natural remedies check out this article – LPR Natural Remedies.

Finally if you have any more questions or concerns consider a private acid reflux consultation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LPR Ever Go Away?

Yes, LPR can go away and be cured. For lots of people who follow the correct treatment path even if it doesn’t completely go away, symptoms should be greatly improved.

How Do You Treat Silent Reflux Naturally?

The best way to treat silent reflux naturally is through a low acid diet. Along with some lifestyle changes like not eating portions that are too big for example.

How Long Does LPR Take to Heal?

There is no one answer fits all for this question. Though generally for most people it could take a few weeks up to 1 year. Though for most people they are on the shorter end of that scale.

How Do You Heal LPR Quickly?

The best 2 things to get started with are a low acid diet and taking Gaviscon Advance which has the important ingredient – sodium alginate.

56 thoughts on “How I Cured My Silent Reflux”

  1. Hi David,
    I am suffering from both burping issues & Sinusitis (sinus infection) since 2 months. ENT has ordered CT scan & found out my sinus infection just a week ago.
    But my main problem is severe burping & mucus in throat. Now i have an irritated throat, making it hard for me to even burp. Till now my Nexium did help me. Now my situation is worse. Due to this irritation in my throat, it is causing me difficulty to breathe some times.

    I am on antibiotics for my sinus infection. not sure, if my LPR will go away once my sinus infection goes away. I follow very good healthy food diet, almost 0 processed food with more of foods. Only thing is I eat very less in the evenings, which might have caused my reflux (just gas or gurgurling in my stomach).

    Can you suggest me something for my irritated throat. is there any over the counter medication. Please help me with the situation.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ramadevi,
      To help the throat, of course diet is important as you seem to know. Stopping the acid with diet and things like gaviscon advance after eating is important. For relief you can get alkaline water (250ml) and mix with baking soda (half a teaspoon) and put it into a nasal spray bottle. Then after eating spray the throat this will deactivate the pepsin in the throat which should help ease symptoms.

      1. David, your solution here is 1/2 tsp to 250 ml. I watched the video on this topic and the solution there is 2T to 1000ml, which would equal 1/2 T to 250 ml. So, which is it – teaspoons or tablespoon?

        1. Yeah I have basically matched up what he has suggested and lowered it to make a smaller amount as you wouldn’t need as much as 1 liter to do this. To clarify I mean teaspoons.

  2. Hello,

    Bought your manual for an LPR diet. Hope it does me well. I’ve also begun to take Gaviscon Advanced—tablets till liquid arrives. To effectively use GA, I take the stuff 15-30 mins following a meal, and am good for 3-4 hrs. Am I not to have anything (snacks, water) for next 3-4 hrs lest I break up the barrier? Another question re belching, having read what you say about it, does gas always carry up pepsin from stomach? I’ve become quite weary of any burp at all. Does Gaviscon keep burps from carrying up pepsin?

    1. Hi Ken,
      Ideally for 1 hour after takin the Gaviscon it would be better to not take any liquid or food as it would break the barrier as you mentioned. I think 1 hour is fine, because after that it just isn’t practical for most people and the benefit of the gaviscon would have lowering returns as time goes on anyway. Yes it almost is always gaseous reflux that brings up the pepsin. The gaviscon should help with preventing the pepsin from coming up though its not a perfect fix.

  3. Dear David
    Tell me About multi vitamins which are compulsory in Lpr and how to take which quantity..i am following your instructions very much you are my teacher.At present i am taking only 20 mg omeprazol in morning 30 mints before food and following alkaline diet i m feeling better but soon i will quit taking Omeprazol.I am from Pakistan.Kindly guide me ..Thank you

    1. Hi Ali,
      You really shouldn’t need any multi-vitamins, in fact I actually think it’s better without as some of them can irritate certain people. I think keep on the diet and look to taper off the PPI’s slowly in your case.

  4. Hi David
    I want to ask that how to stop a bitter fluid coming up in mouth during night sleep? sleeping on a high pillow but the fluid is still coming in night sleep..plz help

    1. I think don’t eat soon before bed, ideally 3-4 hours at least. It’s also a good idea to not drink too much within 1 hour before bed, try to only drink a little water during that time. It may also be a good idea to take a medicine like gaviscon advance before bedtime or reflux gourmet if you can access it.

  5. Hi David

    Are you healed Now? Could you resume your normal Lifestyle? For Howe Long i ha e to take gaviscon?

    This came out of the Blue for me.

    1. Hi Greta,
      I am about 80% improved. Not perfect but much better. I can eat things that I couldn’t have before yes. Though I try to stick to the similar diet I recommend most of the time, with occasional treats without downside. It’s hard to say how long you may need to take it, some people can take it just for 1 month others may need to take it longer term to help keep symptoms away.

  6. Dear David Sir,
    Please write about Your present condition and symptoms after following the strict Diet.
    Or Are you totally symptoms free these days?
    Are you still feeling A mild pain in your ears or throat tightness ,dry mouth sometimes?
    Are you not Afraid of Developing cancer without having Surgery?

    1. I’m about 80% better. While not perfect I’m much better now. Of the things you mentioned I occasionally have dry mouth though not the others.
      I try not to overthink it and do what I can today to keep my symptoms away, that helps keep my mind at peace.

  7. Dear David,
    Which surgery is best for LPR?
    Can a person Drink low Fat Cow,s milk 5 hours later after food?..or can you Eat Apples?

    1. Hi Romeo,
      From my knowledge I would say Stretta is the best option. You can have low fat milk yes, anytime is fine. Apples not allowed, because they are too acidic for someone with LPR typically.

  8. Respected David,
    Can we use Almond Butter in silent reflux?..can we eat Trident Bubble gum watermelon flavour suger free?

    1. Hi Tom,
      Yes almond butter is allowed just make sure to get one without additives. One with just almonds included is perfect. I suggest to avoid any gum because of the ingredients included are not natural. I find it can help because you are constantly swallowing but I actually think it makes things worse because some of the ingredients in the gum will irritate the throat if even slightly. So you can a short term benefit but long term I think it’s worse.

  9. Respected David,
    Which Fruits are Allowed in LPR?
    What are you doing for the protection of teeth and gums?
    In a few days later i am going to buy your book which is very ideal for me and other people with lpr.
    You are a true person who is saving the people from further damage.
    Thank you so much for helping people.
    God Bless you.

    1. There are many fruits but to name a few banana, watermelon, papaya & dragon fruit.
      Using toothpaste with baking soda as main ingredient and rinsing mouth with alkaline water mixed with baking soda twice per day.
      Thank you Harry, that’s much appreciated. You can always email me if you have any further questions.

  10. I started with some reflux, doctor has me on PPI and a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 6 wks. They didn’t do anything else yet. In the meantime, my stomach has settled but the throat is the worst. I bought Gaviscon, aniseed, horrible taste and I hate licorice to begin with. It is now hitting my sinuses, which I thought was the initial problem though not something I normally have.

    I feel it is best to not try to bring up the mucous and blow my nose?? What do you think?

    I am going to try the Wipeout Diet now. Any other recommendations?

    1. I think its fine to blow the nose and bring up the mucous just if you are blowing it often try to be gentle.

      I think following the diet plan and the gaviscon should help.

      As for the nose you can try to spray with an alkaline mixture as explained in this video –, I imagine it should help with your sinus issues.

  11. Respected David,
    Can we eat white basmati rice?
    If a baking soda tooth paste contains mint flavour can we use it? What brand of tooth paste you are using?
    Can we use pure cow,s butter oil for cooking?.
    Thank you very much for Answer.

    1. Hi William,
      Yes basmati rice is all good and tasty! Yeah you can use if it has mint flavor, it’s very difficult to find a perfect toothpaste so basically we just try and find one that is a decent option. I personally opt for the arm and hammer brand because the primary ingredient is baking soda making it more alkaline.

      For cooking I recommend extra virgin olive oil. You can also use pure butter with nothing added.

  12. Dear Sir,
    Hope you are going well by the grace of God . You are symbol of hope , kind, pleasant, and you are very thoughtful in protecting the people,s life. I am really very very thankful to you .i am praying for you from the core of my heart.After following your instructions i am feeling much better.
    I want to ask one more question ,
    What kind of dry beans we can eat in Lpr?

    1. Hi James,
      Thank you very much. Great to hear you are feeling much better 🙂 As for dried beans I am not sure but regular beans are allowed, just make sure you get ones that are not kept with preservatives in the water etc.

      1. Hope you are going well.
        Cow,s milk is not my triger.
        But Doctor Aviv says it causes inflamation whats your point of View?
        Are you drinking cow,s milk?

        1. Well milk is not acidic at all though dairy for some people can make things worse. With this in mind I think some dairy intake is okay thought I would recommend not taking too much. I don’t take cows milk myself though I use butter and cheese occasionally.

  13. I bought the same marshmallow root tea you recommended. It is quite pungent & not very good in my opinion. Do you add anything to it like Manuka Honey? I think it said to drink it cold, a bit at a time during the day. What do you do with it?

    1. Yeah I understand the taste is not for everyone. If it makes it better for you, you can happily add a little honey. I have done that myself from time to time. I personally drink it warm. Like I add boiling water to it and let it brew for 10 minutes then I’ll drink it when it’s not super hot.

  14. Hi sir,

    I have been suffering for what I think is LPR for the past 4 months now. It all started after I had developed anxiety from covid and my kids getting sick. after that I have this something that is stuck in my throat in which the ent said caused by acid reflux. sometimes I would feel tightening in my neck and makes it hard to breathe, jaw and cheek bone pain too. my question is can I take L. Theanine, Ashwagandha, or magnesium to calm my nerves while I have this LPR? I am so afraid everyday of all the symtoms. thank you.

    1. I think the ones you mentioned are okay to take yes. Just keep a check on your symptoms when you take them because some supplements can irritate things more. I definitely would look into doing some things to help ease your anxiety, whether that’s keeping yourself busy or meditation try to find something. For me I started to walk daily even for 30 minutes and it definitely helped my own anxiety.

  15. Had my scopes and mild gastritis. Doc said not worth ($$) it to find out if weak spinchters. Wants me to get modified barium swallow since I am having trouble swallowing. I think I have apnea now.

    Told him no PPI so said Pepcid 2x a day. Align probiotics for the gastritis.

    I bought a bed that I can put head up. Did not help as I fell over/down. Doc said not good anyway and to raise head of bed for full tilt that will not bend body. FYI to others before spending money on expensive bed.

    Two months later still following your plan. Down 35 lbs. Biggest problem is throat still. Had major burn after falling flat in bed. The food options don’t bother me as much as the lack of beverage options.

    1. Hi See,
      Thanks for your story and your tips as well. Have you tried an alginate agent like gaviscon advance or reflux gourmet. If you haven’t I would highly recommend trying that in addition to the diet. Also would suggest doing alkaline water if you aren’t already, It can really make a difference for certain people.

  16. Hello. You can buy straight sodium alginate by the ounce and by the pound online. It’s categorized as a food thickening agent. (I found a pound for $22 on Amazon, for example.) This is much more economical than buying a supplement/medicine, but I don’t know how to measure out a single gram (1000mg) of it w/o a pharmacist’s scale!

    1. Hi,
      Yes you can the problem is it needs to interact with the calcium to work properly, also if the balance isn’t write the mixture could be too thick and could be problematic to swallow and cause problems. Therefore I suggest not trying to make it yourself for these reasons.

  17. Hi
    Just to say my experience fits with yours pretty well. I started getting pain when swallowing and yawning about 4 months ago. After a couple of months I got really worried in case it was something serious so I went and saw an ENT doctor who did a nasal endoscopy. He reassured me that nothing was seriously amiss but said there was some inflammation around the epiglottis and I probably had LPR (though he didn’t actually use that term, but he said night time silent reflux). He prescribed a PPI. I took that for a few weeks and it didn’t seem to do any good at all. Then I tried out a dose of Gaviscon (I live in the UK) after each meal. Within about 48 hours my symptoms improved pretty dramatically. I am going to need to make some lifestyle changes and avoid too much acidic food but its a relief to have found this solution.

    1. Yeah very similar to me as you said. In your case I suggest looking at your diet, eliminating triggers and if you want more detailed notes you can check my wipeout diet. While doing the diet I would suggest to try to lower the Gaviscon little by little to a point where you can take a lower dose or none at all while keeping your symptoms away.

  18. Did you have sinus congestion? If yes, how long did it take to get better? Mine has got progressively worse to the point where I can’t breathe through on of my nostrils while sleeping. I’ve tried netipot with baking soda, Flonase, nothing really seems to help. And low acid diet for the last 2 weeks has only helped post nasal drip.

    1. I still have some sinus issue. The thing that helps most with that is making an alkaline mixture with water and baking soda and then spraying into the nose after meals and before bedtime. It definitely helps me noticeably.

  19. Hi David,

    Giving an update – may help others. Prior to this reflux I had some diarrhea and more flatulence than normal. I changed some eating and then starting eating bread & rice (binding foods). Things quieted down and firmed up. Then this all happened. As most know, the doctors haven’t been any help. (ENT, GP, Pulmonary, GI, Cardiologist)

    I am now seeing a functional medicine doctor. First words were – you may have something going on in gut. He was the first doctor to put his hands on me & said I have inflammation throughout my body. First up – GImap fecal test. Confirmation of h-pylori, strep & leaky gut, gluten problems. The GI doc had said no h-pylori during endo/colon-scopies.

    Over the years I was having some issues and I ate good food. I got the “don’t eat this” list (all good foods) from doc with no further explanation. It was not getting better so I started eating bad food.

    Following were those all too familiar symptoms – sinus, swollen throat, etc. Sent for allergy test – negative. They gave me antibiotics. Antibiotics can mess up the gut & may have caused more problems.

    Next up – food test. I have numerous problems with many foods. Wheat, milk, bread, sugar, fruits, veggies & many more. About 70 foods.

    The plan – I have been taking natural stuff to rid of the GI infection problems and will now have to alter my diet to get rid of the inflammation.

    Now here is one of the most important things – most of the food in your plan is actually causing ME problems. I am back to where I started with good food causing problems, but finally have a doctor that is listening to me & getting proper tests to help.

    I got a chest checkup on my own, a CAT scan. Lungs good, plaque in heart. Cardiologist – statin, statin. Me – no, I’ll see the doctor I am seeing now who sends me for CAC scoring test – yes, I have a minimal amount, but nothing to worry about. (Vitamins can help that later if needed) Reflux causing stress in area – reason many think they are having heart attacks.

    Your site has been very helpful & got me on the path to correcting things. You did more for me to quiet down my throat than all those doctors I saw. Dr Aviv mentions inflammation, but never mentions each person may have different foods causing problems. It is not acid for me that is causing the problems.

    Perhaps some of this information will help others.

    I probably won’t be back to the site unless it’s another update, if you’d be ok with that.

    1. Hi See,

      Thank you for your story and the update it sounds like you are doing better now which is great to hear and I am happy to have been of a help to get you on that right track.

      Yeah that’s an important thing to note, about how different foods and drinks can be triggers for different people and it’s important to keep that in mind even when doing a diet tailored for acid reflux.

      One thing I wanted to ask you was about the GI infections and you mentioned you took natural stuff to improve it, what was that if you don’t mind sharing as I would be interested to know what worked for you.

      1. Hello. So far after 6 months, LPR is slowly destroying a previously very healthy and good life. I can’t imagine not eating so many healthy foods and can’t imagine the nutritional deficiencies that would result from following this diet for life. That being said, I finally got desperate enough that I followed the diet for about 2 weeks strictly, then another 2 weeks with some non compliance at restaurants a few times. I was also following the advice of Dr. Kaufman (sp?), including taking pepsid a bunch of times daily with gaviscon advanced. I started feeling about 80% better but then the second I started reducing the pepsid, my acid reflux was far worse than before I started. She’s too expensive to continue consulting. But she said pepsid is much safer than PPIs (and she warns that PPIs cause acid rebound). But I’ve read several sources online that claim pepsid causes acid rebound. Have you had that experience? I really don’t know what to do. Pepsid is not safe long-term bc it interferes with nutritional absorption and other problems. Also, I didn’t have this mouth burning before I started the pepsid. It’s like the lump in throat improved, but the mouth burning started and really sucks. Do you know what exactly is causing the mouth burning? Also do you sleep at an incline? I have tried countless tactics to get comfortable and can’t. I have an adjustable bed now, and I can handle a couple of hours at 45 degrees (which she said is necessary — any lower incline doesn’t help). But then my lower back hurts too much to continue. I can’t handle the entire bed at all angle. I’ve tried. I have knee support but still my lower back can’t handle more. Did you get better sleeping flat? Do you sleep flat now? I probably have tons more questions but I haven’t been sleeping so I can’t remember. I will post later if I think of them. Thanks very much!

        1. Yes rebound is still possible with H2 blockers like pepcid, though PPIs are usually the worst culprit. Yeah I had bad rebound before multiple times. I’d recommend you read my article on acid rebound here – Acid rebound. It’s probably the pepsin that comes up from the stomach causing the mouth burning would be my assumption. I have used a wedge pillow and haven’t found it to make much of a difference. Higher is better but it’s also more uncomfortable as I know myself. I think the wedge pillow is more useful for people with GERD symptoms not really LPR because the incline doesn’t help as much for LPR as its gaseous reflux not liquid like GERD. I sleep on a small incline now.

  20. Katherine Anne Lipp

    Did you ever feel you were getting better, then you are back to burning throat, this LPR is so exhausting, did you have burning throat for two years. Gaviscon A
    helps. Did you take any vitamins.
    Can you still be healing if you still get burning throat but not as often, how long after your two years did you feel that you were healing.
    Is MCT ok and turmeric

    1. Yeah I have that that experience before. I find keeping a food diary and general diary on these things can help you figure out what some of your triggers may be that may cause or worsen the bad days. I didn’t take any vitamins no.

      It’s hard to say for sure but you could be healing if the burning is minimal, that perhaps is past refluxed pepsin in your throat tissues. Once I started doing the things that helped such a a low acid diet I noticed a difference rather quickly.

      Turmeric is fine yes as long as it’s cooked. MCT I am not certain on, but if it was me I would avoid.

  21. Hi a gave birth and at my 4 week postpartum I woke up with swollen face hives and closing throat I thought it was allergy but then gradually after few days I felt like good stuck in my throat that even my voice was gone gradually I felt constant heartburn.

    During postpartum I also took pain killers which I think contributed to my Gerd . Since I also felt. Like even water was not easily passing down my esophagus they perform a barium swallow which everything was fine only gastroesiphageal reflux noted during the test.

    Also my endoscopy came out I had inactive mild gastritis. Every morning I wake up and start walking I start having sort of shortness of breath but in reality it feels like my throat is irritated because doctors did an asthma test and it came out good and other tests too . So the itchy irritated throat is still going on every day.

    Dr put me on omeprazole 40 mg since august 2 but I don’t see improvement , today is September 18 and I feel desperate and like it will never go away! Symptoms are irritated throat and left side chest pain doctors haven’t diagnosed me with LPR but in some weeks I’ll go perform a acid monitoring test any advise?

    1. The best thing to do is a low acid diet like my wipeout diet plan. On top of it look into Gaviscon advance or reflux gourmet to be taken after meals and at bedtime.

  22. I assume that Gaviscon, like most other things, is not meant for long term use. Does the company say or do you know what the recommended term for use is (meaning Pepcid for example says do not use more than 2 weeks unless directed by a doc). Also – is there any information on negative effects Gavison does to your system?

    BTW – I saw your response to the person who’s story related to seeing a functional medicine doc and the natural supplements they used to treat various things. You asked if he could share what they gave him. I too gave up on my GI and sought the help of functional medicine. They helped me with all of the things he mentioned (almost identical) and I was doing very well until a few months ago and now the sour burning mouth is back. I am actually feeling a bit lost at the moment because I think functional medicine has done all they can for me and I don’t want to go back to a GI. I would gladly share what things I used but I am not sure it would help as each has its own purpose. For example, my GI map showed H Pylori but unless you have that, what they prescribed would not help. They did not have any solutions related directly to reflux or LPR.

    1. I think Gaviscon is relatively safe for long term use. It’s basically a mixture of alkaline minerals and the alginate from seaweed. So it’s basically natural. Unlike h2 blockers and PPIs which are man made and more troublesome long term. I personally would feel a lot better taking it long term that any of the other acid supressing medications. Sure you can let me know some of the things you tried it could help others and myself have some new ideas too.

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