Why Gaviscon Advance is the Best Gaviscon for Reflux

gaviscon advance lpr

If you suffer from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) or LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) you will most likely have heard of Gaviscon. It commonly comes in liquid form from which you are meant to take after meals and at bedtime to help prevent reflux.

It works relatively well for treating reflux for both GERD and LPR though Gaviscon Advance is definitely a superior version particularly when it comes to treating LPR.

The Secret Ingredient – Alginate

Gaviscon Advance importantly the UK version is the best option out there when it comes to Gaviscon. This is primarily because of its high concentration of (sodium) alginate. If you didn’t know alginate is an extract from seaweed so its completely natural which is a nice bonus. The main effect of this alginate is once taken after eating it creates something like a foam like barrier on top of the stomach contents. This barrier will help a lot with stopping against acid reflux and other problematic digestive enzymes like pepsin being refluxed (which is specifically important for people who suffer with LPR). You can read more about pepsin in my complete LPR guide.

When comparing the US version of Gaviscon Advance and the regular US version the concentration of alginate is significantly lower. This means that this barrier like effect is basically nonexistent in comparison to the UK version of Gaviscon Advance.

Also, on top of this barrier like effect you also get the effect of when the Gaviscon liquid is being taken any acid or things like digestive enzymes that have passed into the esophagus and throat the Gaviscon will have an almost binding like effect that can grab and attach to these acids and bring them back down into the stomach where they belong which will directly help with reflux symptoms.

Treating GERD with Gaviscon Advance

When it comes to directly treating GERD with Gaviscon Advance it has been shown to be effective in studies. You can check out this study here. That study in particular showed it was more effective when compared with regular Gaviscon and that GERD symptoms improved when taking it. This is mainly because of the reasons I mentioned in the above section. It’s also worth mentioning you can also take it alongside PPIs (proton pump inhibiters) tablets to get a bonus effect (read more about it in this study). For more information on GERD check out – Acid Reflux / GERD – Ultimate Guide.

Treating LPR with Gaviscon Advance

Just like with GERD there have been studies done to show its effectiveness in treating LPR. In this study patients showed great improvements over each of the time brackets. For me Gaviscon Advance(UK version) is easily the best Gaviscon for LPR / silent reflux and the best medication which can be used to treat LPR, and unlike GERD which can be also treated with PPI anti-acid tablets whereas LPR has been shown to not be positively affected by PPI treatment in this study.

Gaviscon Advance Side Effects

The great thing about Gaviscon Advance is that it has little to no side effects and the Gaviscon Advance ingredients are not harmful in anyway. This is because one of the main active ingredients is totally natural and the base liquid isn’t like a traditional anti-acid solution. In fact, its effect in lowering stomach acid is quite low when compared with other similar liquid combinations which means a more natural stomach acidity which is important for nutrient absorption and general digestion.

It also has no aluminum unlike most other US versions of Gaviscon which use aluminum as one of their active ingredients which has been shown to be problematic for some people taking it long term. There have been some studies linked to Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum intake but there is no clear link between them as of now. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about that as the UK version of Gaviscon Advance doesn’t contain any aluminum.

Gaviscon Advance Peppermint Flavor?

If you didn’t know peppermint causes reflux so at first when I saw a peppermint flavor for a reflux medication I was confused. Later down the line I learned that this peppermint flavor isn’t from real peppermint and is only an artificial flavor and therefore will not cause any reflux issues. Finally, my own confusion was solved!

How to Take Gaviscon Advance.

If you weren’t already aware the best way to take Gaviscon is after eating and not directly after as I used to do myself for a long time. In fact, taking it about 30 minutes after eating will give the best effect. This is because 30 minutes after eating is when digestion is at the most active stage and when digestive enzymes are at their most active point in the stomach. So, taking the Gaviscon at this time will give the biggest benefit.

How Long Does Gaviscon Last

Usually after you take Gaviscon it should offer you protection for about 2-4 hours time. Keep in mind that if you drink or eat soon after taking it, that it can somewhat lessen the effect that it will help you, so ideally try to not eat/drink soon after taking it (45-60 mins) for the utmost benefit.

Where to Buy Gaviscon Advance UK Version


Luckily if you are based in the US it is quite easy to get the UK version of Gaviscon Advance. It is available here on Amazon.

If you can’t get access to the UK version easily wherever you are then the alternative option is to find something where you have the important ingredient sodium aliginate included. The more of it the better really. As a reference the sodium alginate in the UK version has 1000mg per 2 teaspoons.

Though if you can find an alternative with 250mg per 2 teaspoons or more that should work well. It’s quite common to find ones that have either 250mg or 500mg per 2 teaspoons. Keep in mind that one version of Gaviscon in one country can have a different makeup that in another country so it’s always important to check the label beforehand.

Why is Gaviscon Advance Not Sold in the US?

It’s worth mentioning about Gaviscon advance in the US. Sometimes I am asked why is Gaviscon advance not sold in the US? Well it actually is sold in the US though it does not included the same ingredients that the UK version does. Importantly it only includes a fraction of the alginate that the UK version has and thus doesn’t have the same barrier effect that the UK version make up does. It also includes a form of aluminium which is not ideal for taking long term. People want Gaviscon without aluminium so the US version is no good for that.

Treating the Root Cause

While Gaviscon Advance will undoubtedly help with your GERD and LPR symptoms its important to know that it will not treat the root cause of your problem. You need to truly target the root cause to get everything healed and back to normal – for a lot of people this would be treating a malfunctioning LES(stomach sphincter). Also, for both GERD and LPR I recommend following a low acid diet like the Wipeout Diet which will target the root cause and get you healed and back to normal as soon as possible. You can read more about this diet in my complete LPR guide (the treatment section).

More Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaviscon Advance Used For?

Typically Gaviscon Advance is used for helping lessen and aid the symptoms from acid reflux like heartburn and indigestion.

Is Gaviscon Advance Better than Gaviscon?

This is dependant on opinion and can be different for everyone. The UK version for Gaviscon advance for example I believe is a better combination than the standard version and the US version. This is because the active ingredient sodium alginate helps create a foam like barrier on top of the stomach contents which greatly prevents acid reflux. The great thing about that is its an extract from seaweed!

Is Gaviscon Advance Good for Acid Reflux?

Yes, usually it will help common acid reflux symptoms because of the barrier like effect it creates on top of the stomach and also lowering the acid level of the stomach.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Gaviscon?

It depends what version you are taking, for example the US version of Gaviscon advance contains aluminium which isn’t ideal for taking especially long term. In comparison the UK version doesn’t have aluminium and there is no concern about that there. It’s worth noting the side effects that are possible are nausea, headache, constipation or diarrhea. Though do keep in mind that are quite uncommon.

Can I Drink Water After Taking Gaviscon?

Ideally after taking Gaviscon it is best not to drink water for at least 30-60 minutes. This is because of the barrier effect the Gaviscon creates on top of the stomach. If you go and drink water after taking it this will make the barrier break down somewhat and become less effective. So as I already mentioned try to wait ideally 60 minutes after taking it for the best effect. Of course you can drink it before this time but it will definitely lessen the Gaviscons effectiveness.

Why Does My Acid Reflux Get Worse at Night?

Usually acid reflux gets worse at night because you don’t have the advantage of gravity helping keep the acid down in the stomach. This means more pressure on the valve above the stomach which should stay closed but when you are laying down you have more pressure on it so it makes it more likely to open and for you to get acid reflux symptoms.

More Talking Points –

Gaviscon Advance Dosage for LPR

Ideally take 1-2 teaspoons 30 minutes after a meal and just before sleeping. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes exactly every time but this is when you will get the biggest benefit from taking it. I personally take it roughly 15-30 minutes after eating which works great for me.

Gaviscon Advance Tablets

Just like the liquid you can get Gaviscon Advance tablets. Just like the liquid you would take them ideally 30 minutes after eating and just before sleeping. When compared with the liquid I feel they are inferior and less effective but they are a good option when you are travelling or at work when carrying the liquid isn’t practical. Ideally take the liquid but the tablets are also helpful.

Gaviscon Advance Alternatives

Any alternative medicine that has a solid amount of sodium alginate – I am considering a good amount at least 250mg per teaspoon. As a reference Gaviscon Advance the UK version has 500mg per teaspoon.

How Does Gaviscon Advance Work?

It creates a creates a foam like barrier on top of the contents of the stomach. This helps prevent acid from refluxing up into the esophagus and even the throat. It also has an alkalising effect helping to lower the acid in the stomach as well.

Gaviscons Effect on GERD/Heartburn?

It lowers the acidity of the stomach and also creates a foam like barrier on top of the stomach contents helping prevent acid from spilling up and causing heartburn etc.

Gaviscons Effect on Silent Reflux/ LPR?

The important effect for Gaviscon Advance on silent reflux and LPR is the barrier effect that it creates on top of the stomach contents. This is the primary benefit. Also when you take it, it can help bind to any pepsin in the throat which is the main cause for LPR so this effect also can help lessen the effects of LPR and silent reflux.

44 thoughts on “Why Gaviscon Advance is the Best Gaviscon for Reflux”

  1. Collins Acheampong

    Before I was having heart burns which along the line stopped, however I was still having indigestion and bloating. My throat and tongue burns really bad when I finish eating. I even noticed the back of my tongue began to whiten. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with gastritis, now I understand the root cause of my reflux but the medication the doctor gave me does not improve my symptoms. My throat, tongue and even my ears burn after eating. Also I feel my throat becomes more dry in the middle of the night when I’m asleep. What is really causing this chronic sore throat, will the gaviscon help?

    1. Well if you believe you have LPR with a lot of the common symptoms it’s definitely worth trying Gaviscon advance. Based on the couple of symptoms you mentioned it definitely could help you.

  2. This is such a good blog, very informative. I’m on omeprazole currently in the evening at 7.30ish. Is it best not to take them at the same time, or leave a gap between it and the gaviscon advance?

    1. Thank you Lucy. The best time to take omeprazole is 30 minutes before you eat and the best time to take gaviscon advance is 30 minutes after you eat. That would be the ideal way to take them.

  3. Do you know why the UK formula for gaviscon advanced is not avaliable in the USA? Is the company just not offering it in the USA or does it have something to do with the FDA?

    1. I’m not sure really. I believe the US have their own version but it isn’t made up the same. It has very little of the sodium alginate which is the important ingredient and it also contains aluminium which isn’t ideal either. I believe Gaviscon are thinking more of treating the major market which is for GERD more so than LPR so their focus on that – the standard Gaviscon is still effective for normal acid reflux and GERD whereas for LPR it isn’t as effective.

  4. Yes, but Gaviscon advance contains saccharin which has been proven to cause cancer. If they would use stevia extract, then it would be more safe to consume.

    1. I have done some minor research on the saccharin before. Apparently it’s completely safe to take. I’m not worried about it especially it’s only a small amount used in the Gaviscon, there are much other worse things included in other medicines and foods/drinks I am sure.

  5. I agree! What are your thoughts on the steam inhalation of high pH alkaline water? I read where one man said he stumbled across a cure doing this. He said 5 minutes inhalation twice a day did it for him. Thank you for your blog!

    1. Hey Suzie, Yes I have heard of it and in theory it should help neutralise any pepsin in your sinuses in particular. I personally feel though you must be taking some other action like I mention on my site to stop the acid. If you do that alongside a diet and taking the gaviscon I think it could help speed on recovery for some people. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. I’m a bit concerned about the salt content in gavison. It does have a high sodium content warning on the bottle. I watch my salt intake as my blood pressure is moderately high although I am not on any medication. Is there any other product that you know of that works as well?

    1. Yes I am aware of another similar kind of product which I am currently looking into trying myself and some other people with LPR. If it turns out to be effective I will likely be doing an article on it and my thoughts in comparison to gaviscon.

  7. hi David!
    I have nighttime LPR. I used to wake up wheezing and choking from it. Im currently taking Gaviscon -the US version which has antacid in it.I take 10 ml before bedtime. It helps. Now I would like to switch to this Gaviscon Advance, which is not an antacid. How do I switch?I know Gaviscon can cause acid rebound…so as im taking now 10 ml every night..do I have to wean myself off it or can i just simply use start using tonight the Gaviscon Advance? Im so afraid of the rebound-not particularly the burning senation but because of the asthamic-like symptoms i used to get..:(

    Thanks for your advice

    1. Hi Judit, I don’t think you should worry about rebound switching from the US to the UK gaviscon. If you really want to be safe you can start with 1 teaspoon of each for a few days if you prefer and then completely switch to the uk gaviscon. The uk gaviscon does have some antacid ingredients like potassium carbonate which will act as an antacid so switching over I highly doubt will give you any rebound effect.

      1. Hi David!

        Thanks for your answer. I have also bought your diet, i hope that helps too!Right now Im on the 4th day of UK Gaviscon….and i take about 10 ml at night before bed. It works perfectly for my nighttime reflux-i wake up without wheezing!
        However during the day sometimes i feel shortness of breath and sometimes I have to yawn and take some deep breath….could it be because im not taking the gaviscon during the day? or could it be an acid reboud symptm from US Gaviscon? I have read that rebound symptoms usually starts day 3,4.. after stopping the previous medication.
        Im from Hungary-and here the doctors really dont know much of LPR-all …so im very grateful that i found your site!
        Thank you

        1. Hey Judit,

          You are welcome and thank you for buying the guide. I don’t think you would get too much if any rebound from the gaviscon that you took before. Maybe it’s worth trying take gaviscon during the day after meals. You could try it out 2 spoonfuls after meals let’s say 2 meals per day and see what happens. I think it would help you.

      2. I take the european standard version of gaviscon 10ml before going to bed. I want to stop using it since I am feeling quite well lately (due to better nutrition) but now I am affraid that stopping it will cause rebound. How scientifically proven is this thing ? I mean what s the best way to come out of taking it and not have rebound of acid ?

        1. Rebound in mostly prominent in PPI tablets and to a lessen extent H2 blockers. Gaviscon again even less so than that, so the rebound effect would be much less. Ideally you can lower it over the space of a few days and see how you fair.

  8. I also have high blood pressure and am concerned with the high sodium content in Gaviscon. Would you be willing to tell us the name of the similar product that you are looking into so we can do our own research? Thank you.

    1. I am currently doing some research into some similar products and hopefully will be doing an article on them soon. As for alternatives it’s always worth checking similar antacid liquids. The important ingredients to look for as I mentioned is alginate. 1000mg (1g) per 2 teaspoons is the dosage in Gaviscon advance. If you can get one with less sodium and even 500mg of the aliginate that would likely still be quite effective.

  9. Thank you for this information.
    My problem is a hoarse voice. It comes and goes.
    Now on acid free diet and taking Gaviscon Advance through the day and last thing at night.

  10. I am in perimenapause and have slight heartburn but reflux,constant need to clear throat ,hoarseness and blocked nose,GP has given me lansoprazole but read low acid is common in menapause causing reflux also-very confused of what to take

  11. Laurel Nelson

    I have a wet bubbly cough from LPR, which is most worst symptom. It sounds like a smokers cough. I’m wondering if the gaviscon advance would help alleviate it. Thank you!

  12. Very good read! Is the gaviscon advance likely to aid LPR caused by hiatus hernia?

  13. If I find Gaviscon Advanced on Amazon, here in the U.S., will that be the correct and more potent Gaviscon that I want? https://amzn.to/2WZUFhK I see Gaviscon Double Action on the Amazon U.K. site. Is that the one I want? My gastroenterologist here in the U.S. told me to buy Gaviscon Advanced from Amazon U.K., but I am a bit confused. He said certain people here in U.S. will sell it, so is the Gaviscon Advanced from our Amazon (in the U.S.), the correct one? I put the link up above in case someone can help me??? Thank you

    1. Gaviscon Advance is the one you want ideally. If you can’t find it try an alternative one, preferably the one with more alginate content.

  14. This sounds silly, but how do you get your Gaviscon Advance out of the bottle? I find it very difficult to get my full dosage as I reach the bottom of the bottle. Thanks!

    1. I understand what you mean Steph. Best thing I can suggest is to really shake it well each time before you take it. That balances the mixture out more evenly I feel.

  15. Its been a month now taking Gaviscon Advance. I’m extremely happy to say that my mucous buildup has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY! I find myself having to spit less. (You out there know what I mean!) I had worn a Reflux band around my neck for 4 or 5 months solid every night and it really didn’t help much. I wish I would have taken the Gaviscon Advance instead of the Reflux band. Would have saved myself a lot of suffering and loss of sleep. Not to mention all the coughing and hacking.

  16. Brilliant website. Thank you. I relied upon Gaviscon Advance for 3 years plus the low acid diet. I suddenly developed heartburn too but all the PPIs and H2 receptor antagonists made me very poorly and even worsened my throat. The worst thing is that for a couple of months now, I have been unable to take my Gaviscon as it burns like crazy. Has anyone else had this or found a way around it?
    I am currently struggling to eat
    Without the Gaviscon life is unbearable. I have written to the makers asking if they do a milder tasting or less irritant version but had no reply yet. Any help gratefully received

    1. Hey Shirley, thank you! Sorry to hear that, I haven’t quite heard of something like that before though there is a potential alternative I will send to your email.

  17. Wondering if you have ever tried or heard of Reflux Gourmet which is another alginate product?

    1. Yes I have heard of it and am wanting to try it out in the near future, I want to test it myself before recommending it though.

  18. Hi David,

    In my country (Australia) they don’t have Gaviscon Advance, instead they have something called Gaviscon Double Strength (liquid). On the package it says each 10ml dose contains 1000mg sodium alginate, 200mg potassium bicarbonate and 200mg calcium carbonate. Is that the same as UK’s Gaviscon Advance? The sodium alginate concentration seems to be the same, and the label recommends the same dosage (5-10ml, maximum 4 times a day). The label also says it was made in the UK.

    Of course, I would have bought it online from the UK but there are no suppliers doing that right now due to the global health concerns, so I just want to make sure I’m using it right with no potential issues like rebound or anything else. I’m using it for LPR if that distinction is important. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ken,
      I know for sure the alginate is the same dosage and that’s the most important thing. So it should have the same affect as the one from the UK. So I would recommend getting that one.

  19. I’ve been taking Gaviscon Advance for about 3 or 4 weeks now. It’s really a blessing. I used the Reflux Band for 6 months prior. Didn’t really help. What G.A. did for me was like lightning speed compared to the Reflux Band!!! I still have some mucus to deal with but not before. Now I won’t leave the house without my G.A.!

    1. Amazon is usually my recommendation though I believe they are out of stock for the time being. If you can search in local stores and pharmacies for other gaviscon options or different brands. Ones that have sodium alginate as one of the ingredients is what you want. Ideally you would want at least 250mg of sodium alginate per 2 teaspoons, though more would be preferred. The advance one has 1000mg per 2 teaspoons just as a reference.

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