Are Bell Peppers Acidic or Bad for Acid Reflux?

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You might be wondering are bell peppers acidic and if so are they really bad for acid reflux?

Bell peppers are acidic and tend to have a pH of around 5. While this is not very acidic it may be troublesome for some people with more sensitive or severe acid reflux like LPR or GERD.

Below we will get into bell peppers acidity and if you should eat them if you have acid reflux in more detail.

Are Bell Peppers Acidic?

Bell peppers are acidic with a pH of around 5. While this is acidic it’s not very acidic. It’s more of a middle ground when it comes to the acidity. This means it’s not really a trigger food for most people even with severe acid reflux.

Orange bell peppers tend to be the least acidic of the 4 different colors including red, orange, yellow, and green.

Orange bell peppers are around a 5.2 pH and are a little less acidic than the red, green and yellow bell peppers typically.

Are Bell Peppers Bad for Acid Reflux?

Generally speaking, bell peppers are an okay choice if you have acid reflux. They are not too acidic so people with mild or minor acid reflux should be completely fine eating them.

If you are more sensitive or have more severe acid reflux then bell peppers may be a little too acidic for you. In fact, in my Wipeout Diet Plan, I recommend avoiding bell peppers when starting out to be on the safe side and allow for the best healing effect. After a little time though they can be reintroduced back into your diet rather safely.

Bell peppers are relatively easy to digest whether raw or cooked. Though when cooked they tend to be easier to digest thanks to the softening of the peppers skin, which is a little harder to digest than the flesh of the pepper when it’s raw.

If you want to try some bell peppers I suggest starting with just a little – for example about 1/4 of a pepper at most. It would also be slightly easier on the stomach if they are cooked instead of raw too. Then you can see how you fair with them.

If you notice your symptoms being worse then it’s a good idea to stop taking them. Also, if you don’t notice any negative symptoms with them you can continue eating them as you please.

While most peppers are not recommended for people with acid reflux and heartburn and the like bell peppers are an exception. That’s because they don’t have the same properties as some of the chili like peppers which are a must avoid for anyone with acid reflux regardless of the severity.

Paprika and Bell Peppers

If you didn’t know paprika is derived from bell peppers. This makes it a spice that can be enjoyed even if you have acid reflux.

Of course, the same rules apply here as with the bell peppers. Meaning it’s a relatively safe choice but you should just try it out initially in smaller quantities (under half a teaspoon) to see if it doesn’t make your acid reflux symptoms worse. And just like bell peppers you can continue to eat if it doesn’t have any negative effect on you.

Keep in mind that paprika should always be cooked before eating just like most spices if you have acid reflux. For more information on spices that are safe for acid reflux check out our Wipeout Diet Plan.

Interesting Related Questions

Is Bell Pepper Acidic or Basic?

Bell pepper is acidic with around a pH of 5. While this is not too acidic for food it still falls under the acidic levels.

Do Red Bell Peppers Cause Acid Reflux?

For some people red bell peppers might make acid reflux a bit worse but they are not usually a big trigger for people with even severe acid reflux, though they might slightly irritate especially if too much is eaten.

Are Bell Peppers Inflammatory?

Bell peppers are not inflammatory. They are actually anti-inflammatory. This is thanks to them including a chemical known as capsaicin which has been shown to help reduce inflammation and even pain too.

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